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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Few Decorating Pics and Princy n' Paris

Good morning! This will be a quick post but I wanted to share a couple of pics of our bathroom. I need to hang one more thing and then I want to get some fresh flowers from the Farmer's Market on Saturday and then I will share the rest of the pictures. Lillie and I went to a cute little flower shop yesterday to get some fresh flowers (after trying the grocery store and Trader Joe's who were both cleaned out) and the peonies were $8 a stem! Yikes. I don't miss living in Florence, but I do terribly miss our yard with all of the flowers I could go cut from it. I figured I would be patient seeing how we did our bathroom on a tiny budget and at the farmer's market last Saturday the peonies were $8 a bunch! I hope they will still have some this week!

I also wanted to share with you a wonderful Etsy shop, Princy n' Paris, and blog run by a incredibly sweet and talented woman who I have gotten to know over these past few months named Prencie! As you all know we host a lot of give-aways here on our blog. They are so much fun for us to do and we get quite excited about each one. You know what is even more fun than hosting a give-away, though? Winning one! I won my first give-away a couple of weeks ago on Prencie's blog! I was so excited! I had been admiring several pieces of hers and was so thrilled to win a $30 gift certificate to her shop! She is hosting another giveaway on her blog now so head on over and check it out!

I had a hard time deciding but went with the Vintage Girl, Little Women Flower Headband. I posted photos of Lillie wearing that this weekend (I will post one again in case any of you missed it). It is my absolute favorite. Lillie wore it on Saturday and I wore it clipped onto a necklace on Sunday and plan on wearing it again today! We also got Lillie a little Tiffany bloom clip which she is wearing in the rest of these pics
And here are a couple photos from Prencie's shop.

Isn't her daughter, Paris, just the cutest thing?

I think this would be so beautiful for a wedding!

Don't forget to scroll down to the next post and enter to WIN one of our Adeliene Dresses, Stella Dresses, or a screenprinted tee!


  1. AWWWWWW Jenni these pics are soooo sweet!!! Lillie is beautiful!!!!

  2. That's a lovely vignette you have, very serene.

  3. you are quite so talented. can you come and do over my home, PLEASE!!!

    your lillie is such a cutie.

    have fun at the farmer's market. i think i should visit one of my local ones in hopes of scoring some beautiful peonies.

    have a wonderful day.

    ^-^ ox

  4. Jenni, thank you from the bottom of my heart:) I LOVE the pictures of Lillie, she is quite the heartthrob!!! I also LOVE peonies!!! They were in my bridal bouquet. I wanted them everywhere but they can be quite pricey:)

    Gorgeous photos!!! I love the pics of your bathroom!! I'm still waiting for Jorel to finish the shelves for our bathroom before I post pics, he cut up a dining room table that we used to place our sinks in, came out nice:)

    Again thank you for the very kind compliments and post, I feel truly honored!!:)

  5. Can you offer me some Photoshop tips because your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Lillie looks so beautiful and sweet! And I love the look of the bathroom! I have a gray and purple spare bathroom and I just love it!

  6. Oh my goodness, the cuteness!!! Lillie kissing the frog is my favorite. So precious. I love your family blog Jenni, it is such a sweet escape and so beautiful. LOVE Prencie and her gorgeous hair accessories too.
    Cannot wait to see the bathroom, the sneak peaks are gorgeous!

  7. Love the photos. Lillie is an absolute doll :)
    I just love her little pigtails...

  8. funny! i have very similar accessories in my bathroom! love the pictures! and i do love those flowers for the hair! very cute!

  9. Every single image on here is gorgeous! What a talent you have. Lillie and Paris are little heart stealers. ~Lili

  10. Thank you all for your kind words! Prencie - I had always dreamed of having peonies in my bouquet too, but we got married in September and it was impossible trying to find some! My sister, Jamie, though used them in her wedding last June and they were gorgeous! Also, I am going to be sooooo jealous that you used a dining room table in your bathroom for your sinks! When I do my bathroom post I was planning on mentioning how this was simply a paint job and how in my "someday house" I cannot wait to find something really unique to use as the vanity! I hate standard cabinetry - oh well, I shall survive =)...haha!

    Fuscardo - I wish I were better in Photoshop. I have a degree in graphic design but I am soooo much better and more comfortable in Illustrator than I am in Photoshop. I most just play around with the contrast and lately I have been using actions from Pioneer Woman.
    They are so much fun to play with! And oh, I would LOVE your purple and grey bathroom!!!! That is what I wanted to do in ours but decided the purple was a bit much for my hubby! I am hoping maybe I can do something like that for Lillie someday. I love those colors together!

  11. Yes, I almost died of happiness when I saw that Peonies were in season when I got married!!! Then I fell in LOVE with David Austin roses!!! Ever heard of his roses? BEAUTIFUL!! Whenever I get better at tending to my outside I'm hoping to order some of his roses.

    As for the sink, I was truly impressed with how my husband pulled it off! Even better was that we were able to get a sink for the kids bathroom out if the same table!! The hubbys staining the trim for the shelves that he cut from the table to use for the bathroom, once those are up I will post pics:) We used every single inch of that table!! lol!! And girl, you ain't got nothin' to be jealous of based on the faulous pics of your house!!! Not THAT is something to be jealous over, haha!:)

  12. Beautiful pictures! Lillie and Paris are adorable.


  13. The bathroom looks beautiful! As do Lillie and Paris, of course! Love the new pictures!

  14. LOVE all of her little bows/hair accessories! Lillie looks stunning in them!


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