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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Picnic and Facebook (And Another Entry for the Dress Give-Away)

First, we are back on Facebook! When we first started Dear Lillie we opened up a facebook account. Personally, I rather dislike Facebook, but we were told it would be good for business. Well, we promptly forgot our password and hadn't been able to log on since! Haha! The other day it came to Jamie and we were finally able to get back on! So, we are going to try to do a better job of posting on there, although our blog will continue to be our main form of updating you all on everything that is Dear Lillie!

So, if you would like to have another entry into our give-away for our Adeliene or Stella Dress please become a "fan" or "like" us, or whatever it is now, on facebook for another entry! (Just write Fan FB on a comment). Click here for our Facebook page!

We had planned on going on a picnic Sunday afternoon, but it rained, so we ended up up going yesterday. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had so much fun! Here are a few pictures:

My little monkey

I see Birdieeeeeees!

Mmmmmm....the best part of the picnic - brownies!

Covered in dirt - this was actually after I cleaned up her face! I should have taken a picture before!

Don't forget to enter our Give-Away!

And check back as later this week we will be hosting our first ever Dear Lillie CONTEST as well as giving you a few updates on everything that is going on here. We have a lot of changes coming up business-wise and will fill you all in here soon.

Also, we are closing down our Etsy shop for Memorial Day weekend starting at some point on Thursday and will reopen Sunday evening just to let you all know ahead of time!


  1. What a fun looking picnic! :-) Brownies are definitely the best part! And I just LOVE Lillie's hairclip! Also, I wanted to thank you for letting me know about the Pioneer Woman Photoshop actions - so great! I can't wait to try them out and play with some pictures! And your bathroom "paint job" looks beautiful... I am now inspired to work on my own bathroom - not sure if my husband is too happy about that - ha!

  2. LOVE her piggy tails! She is so cute!

    Can't wait to hear about the changes that you are planning on making!

  3. Only Lillie could make overals look so cute!!! I've recently been putting Paris's hair up in pig tails but she tugs on them until she just looks like one big mess!! I think brownies are my favorite desert!! I will eat half of the pan in one day!!! :P yummmm!!

  4. Good move on the fb- most of my business comes through facebook, believe it or not. I agree, fb can be a bit annoying...but it works to get the word out!!

    And little Lillie is just darling!! xoxo

  5. It's so hard to keep up with everything isn't it? Can't wait to see what you are working on:)

    Oh, I'm a fan!

  6. She is the cutest thing Jenni!! Love her piggy tails. Waiting patiently for Lane to have enough hair to wear her own. LOL. I know what you mean about facebook. I prefer blogging too. :)

  7. She is sooooo cute!!!! I hated FB too and now I am an addict. So sad huh?????

  8. She is so cute!!!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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