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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Baby is ONE!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! Where has time gone? Our precious little Lillian Annabel turned one today. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up! She is the most amazing little girl and we just love her so very much and feel so blessed to be her parents! Here are some more pictures from her birthday party.


  1. Happy Birthday Lillabel! What a sweet day! I love the pic of all the gals wearing the tutu's! xo.

  2. What an adorable birthday party you had for Miss Lillabel! LOVE!

  3. Awe...this party was too cute! Lillian is too precious with her little hat!!! What a wonderful party with all of her aunts and grandmother...a circle of beautiful women. Your decorations are over the top sweet.
    Just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed my visit here... congrats on your living room being shown to winning your games. Beauty certainly abounds here!!! :)
    Happy Birthday Month to Lillian and Merry Christmas~
    everything vintage

  4. aw! This is adorable! Happy belated birthday to your little girl!

    Just Better Together

  5. I LOVE the pink birthday party you did for Lillie!! It is absolutely beautiful!! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the tall pink candles from. I have not been able to find any. Thanks, Johanna

    1. Hello,
      I was just wondering if you found out where the long, skinny candles came from on the Pink Birthday posted on Dear Lillie's blog. I've been looking everywhere for them.


  6. Thanks, Johanna! I actually had a really hard time finding them too. I ended up getting them at Iparty. I think Michael's has recently started selling similar ones now though too.

  7. What a cute party!! I wonder how I will pull off a totally girly pink party mixed with a boy party for my twins when they turn a year. oh my... thoughts flying already and they won't even be here till december! lol

    I love love love the rosette ball on the table. Did you buy that or make it? I'd love one for my baby girl.

  8. Thanks so much, Kait! My sister actually made it for me a few years ago.

  9. If I could ever have found a blog that put everything I love in my mind into a room, this would be it!! Love, love your style! You are very talented. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and inspiring others!

  10. I love the cake!! Did you make this? And if so how? Is it a basic 3 layer? I love the simplicity of it. Beautiful party all around!


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