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Monday, April 12, 2010

WE HAVE A WINNER! (And some photos of Miss Lillie)

I am sorry it has taken me all day to do this - as usual, I am behind on everything! Anyway, I just want to say thank you to all of you who entered our latest give-away for our Adeliene Dress! We appreciate all of your wonderful comments.

I did the random number thing and was so excited to see a low number. As I started scrolling down and counting I started to laugh, because I think the winner of this dress is going to be very excited that she won! Congratulations to Jenni Roseland! I hope that you will love your dress!

Send us an e-mail at and let us know the color-way and size that you would like as well as your shipping address!

Also, don't forget to check back tomorrow when we will begin our next give-away in honor of hitting the 100 follower mark! (And stay tuned for a BIG give-away when we hit 1000 "favorites" mark on Etsy which we are getting pretty close to!)

And here are a few pics from this past week. My sister Jamie, who was visiting from NH, and I took Lillie to the Yorktown beach where she had a blast! She LOVED the water (which was FREEZING - yuck!) It was so much fun watching her play and I can't wait to take her back again!

And here she is in an adorable hoodie we got from Amy at Evy's Tree
Eyeing all of the candy at the candy store in Colonial Williamsburg

She had no desire to wait until the end before licking the bowl!

And here she is running around in Colonial Williamsburg
Have a wonderful rest of the evening and don't forget to check back tomorrow to enter our next give-away!


  1. Ok

    1. Jenni, you little stinker!! How in the world do you win everything?!? UGH. Well, congrats girl, you deserve it, you are just FAB. Love you so much. :)

    2. Look at the hoodie on Lillie! It looks so adorable! Thank you for posting a picture and mentioning my shop. :) And is that the sachet in her hair? I LOVE it! Awesome!

    3. colonial Williamsburg is so lovely. What fun it looks like you guys had!


  2. Yes, Congrats to Jenni:) I've been stalking this blog all day to see who the winner is:) Maybe next time...

    Lillie looks so freakin cute in her whimsy hoodie!:) Can't wait to get Paris's.

  3. My eyeballs just about popped out of my head! Holy Guacamole! I can't even believe it! I have never wanted to win a giveaway as bad as this one! HA! I think that my comments let you know that!

    And yes, I was yelling and doing a little dance when I saw my name! Now I have to really think about the color that I want...such decisions! Life is rough! I am going to wear the dress to 8th grade graduation (I get a new dress each year, just like the kids do, even though I am just the one that reads off the names, you can't read the same dress each year, it has to be new)!

    Thank you for such an awesome giveaway! I am going to look at the dresses, ask the girls at work, because I want to be brave and not just go black on black, so unless I can make my decision tonight, I will email you in the morning...hope that is ok, if not - please let me know!

    WOOOHOOOO! I will sleep good tonight!

  4. Ooops - in all of my excitement, I forgot to mention just how cute little Lillie looks!

    Love her in that hoodie, Amy does a great job and I think that Lola might need that one in black (we already have it in pink)!

    That picture of her sitting in the water is awesome, makes me wanna go to the beach! Love her swimsuit!

  5. Amy - the hoodie is so adorable! She has worn it both evenings that it has been chilly here! I love it! And yes, that is the little satchet in her hair =).....we are growing her bangs out so she has to have a hair clip in or she can't see and I figured that would go perfectly with the hoodie so I just attached it to an alligator clip! I was so excited when I saw it in the packaging - haha!

    Prencie - Paris will look so cute in the hoodie! They are the cutest things!

    Jenni - So glad you are so excited!!!!! Take as long as you want to decide. I am running about a week behind right now. And you definitely deserve a new dress for graduation each year!!!!! Any excuse for a new dress is a good one in my book! Also, I don't know if I wrote this anywhere on the give-away but if you go to either one of our websites you can find a size chart and I HIGHLY recommend ordering one size up. Both my sisters and I all wear one size up and so far I have told all of our customers that as well and haven't had any exchanges yet.

  6. So impressed and glad to know that you used the sachet. That makes me feel good its going to good use. :)

    I just noticed Lillie's swimsuit...Target? I just bought almost an identical one today for Evy. So fun, can't wait for her to wear it...its sooo cold here still. :(


  7. Congrats Jenni!! Lucky girl! I'm jealous, he he. Enjoy your new dress.

    Lillie looks so cute in all the photos! LOOVE that little hoodie! So cute! My ella NEEDS one of those, lol! Have a great day!

    MomTog Diaries

  8. Haha- yeah, Amy, it is from Target. My sister, Jamie got it for her! It is so cute and the tulle held up surprisingly well. She destroyed the tulle on her Easter dress - when I picked her up from nursery it was such a mess that I ended up cutting it off the dress, so I was a bit skeptical when I saw the tulle on the bathing suite but it held up perfectly!

  9. Yay for Jenni, again! You are one lucky girl :)

    Lillie is such a beautiful little girl. Love the white & green dress. And she looks adorable in the Brilla Hoodie from Amy. Doesn't she do a great job? I have several of her adult hoodies and I wear them every chance I get :)

    Colonial Williamsburg looks amazing and so much fun.

  10. ha! That's funny about the Easter dress...bummer! :( And too funny they have the same'll have to make a CA trip and they can go to the beach together. :)

    Thanks also to all my friends for endorsing my hoodies. You guys are just too sweet. xoxo

  11. YAY Jenni!! Congratulations! Lillie looks so cute in her Brilla hoodie. Cannot wait to get Lane's in the mail. Love Lillie's tutu swimsuit. She is so adorable!!

  12. Love the pictures as always! xo.


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