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Monday, May 10, 2010


First, just want to remind everyone there are only a few days left to enter out big giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to Dear Lillie! Either scroll down several posts or click here to read about it and enter.

And now, I want to share with you all one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE blogs: Joyfolie (formerly known as Mia Joie)! I have gotten to know Jessica over the past few months and her work is incredible. I was first introduced to her Etsy shop and then blog through one of our Etsy customers last fall. I completely fell in love with her work. She makes the most beautiful baby and children's shoes you have ever seen! I have gotten Lillie a pair of her Gretel boots and a pair of bloom shoes as well as several hair clips! I would have gotten her a pair of everything but they are so hard to snag! Her items sell out within minutes of her putting them up for sale. She is about to launch a new website and to say that I can hardly wait would be a major understatement. Along with having beautiful items, she has the most gorgeous blog. She is a fabulous photographer and her writing is an absolute pleasure to read. Most blogs I just scan and admire the pictures, but hers I always read because the writing is always so touching (she used to be a college writing professor before starting Joyfolie). I am fowarning you - once you start reading it you won't be able to stop!

She is currently hosting an aweseome giveaway on her blog right now so head on over to check it out and enter!

Here is some of her work (I used a few of her older photos that are my favorites which is why some of them have her old Mia Joie logo on them). Have you ever seen such beautiful things?

And this is one of my favorite pics! I am dying to get the little cropped jacket and the boots for Lillie as soon as they become available!


  1. LOVE everything!! One of my favorite addictions. Love that jacket too. Cannot wait for her website to launch. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Jenni!!

  2. Just another reason I NEED a daughter to dress up. HA!

  3. I love her stuff too! I wish Stella MArie's feet were not soooo big!!!

  4. I will pay $$$ if you have any joyfolie boots you want to sell me!


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