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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some New Items for Sale

Yay! We finally have some new screenprinted apparel items in our shop! We have a ton of styles/colors that will be available as the week progresses. Here is the first batch which is our Fairyland Image in White and Gray on several different style tops:

Although we have tons of different colors/styles that will be available over this next week,
for the most part we only have one to two available in each size!

We have been wanting to print on a sweatshirt since late last summer but could not find one that we were happy with both the fit and the style. Well, finally we found two different styles that we really love.  I have two for myself and have been living in them. I got them a size larger than I normally wear and my belly can just barely still fit under! Anyway here is the first one:

And here is the other sweatshirt style (it is similar but doesn't have a kangaroo pocket or any raw edges). Both of these sweatshirts look really cute layered over a long white tank.  We also will have a little girl's version of this on a navy sweatshirt later this week.

We will have some girl's coordinating tanks as well, later this week. 

Here's a fun T-Shirt style dress! 

And here is the image on a super comfy track shirt. We will be offering this in children's sizes too later this week.

I am really excited about this dress. I have tried so many different dress styles and had the hardest time finding something that I was really happy with. Well, I LOVE the cut of this dress. I am hoping Lillie will cooperate soon for photos because it looks so much better on than it does just on the dress form.

We also have a few Anne Shirley skirts back in stock! 


Hopefully we will have more to show you tomorrow! But for now this is what we now have for sale in our shop.


  1. I am IN LOVE with that dress!!! what sizes does it come in??

  2. I guess I should've mentioned the little girl's dress since you have 2 dresses posted. :)

  3. Where do you shop for your little girl's clothes? I love your style!

  4. Such cute things, Jennifer. Where do you get Lillie's adorable shoes? She always has unique styles on.

  5. Those are all so cute! love the sweatshirt with raw edges and the little dress is adorable.

  6. Adorable designs! And of course that little model is the sweetest thing ever! :)

  7. i need a baby girl so i can order your lovely creations for her!

  8. Love them all! Can't wait to get a t-shirt dress and a sweatshirt!!! - Jamie

  9. My word, these are all AWESOME!!!!!! I will have to visit and get something soon. Let me know if you want to do a trade again. ha! :) Hope you are well! xoxo

  10. I love your new merchandise and your Lillie is such a darling! Hugs, Cindy

  11. That first sweatshirt literally gave me the happy chills. =) Amazing and perfect and all that good stuff!!! LOVE!

  12. So cute Jennifer, I love them all your little girl's so beautiful...

  13. I simply L.O.V.E your kitchen and's just oh so beautiful and classy! I am curious about the wooden sign hanging in your kitchen's above your table with the lamp and black boxes. I have some boards that would be perfect for making a sign similar and was wondering if you could tell me what the words/graphics are on yours? I'd love to make one for my kitchen! Thank you so very much for your talented inspiration!!

  14. CourtneysMommy - That dress only goes up to a 6 =( I am not sure if we can get it in larger sizes or not. If so the next time I print them I will include some larger sizes because we have gotten some requests for them!

    KennedyWife - Lillie's clothes come from a variety of places and a lot of them are handmade. For "store-bought" clothes (haha - she is going to HATE that so many of her items are handmade when she gets bigger and is probably going to beg for "real" clothes like everyone else) I love Baby Gap! I also love Crewcuts but they are sooooooooo expensive. I only have ever bought her a couple of tees on sale there but often admire their other stuff. Gap has some really adorable stuff clothes and I like shopping there when they have sales and I also get her a lot of basics from Target.

    Kim - those shoes were a gift from Jessica at Joyfolie! She makes the most beautiful little shoes in the world but they are impossible to get your hands on. (I have become friends with her and we have done a few trades so lucky Miss Lillie has several pairs!) She is switching from hand-made to manufactured though and so soon they will be much easier to purchase. Just for some eye candy though you should most definitely visit her online store and her beautiful blog!

    Amy - I have been dying for one of those mini lacey's for Lillie from you so I will send you a convo here in a minute!

    Terrell - If you go here you can see a close up of the wooden sign.

  15. Cute, cute, cute! The tank top with the silhouette and the big bow?! Adorable!

  16. Can I know where's your shop located I want to buy that jackets with an AWESOME design.

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