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Monday, October 10, 2011

Totes Back in Stock and a Color Question

I just finished adding the labels to a large batch of our 
 "Hope is the thing with feathers..." tote and they are now BACK IN STOCK
They are just $7.95!

We are currently sold out of both of our shirt designs with this print. We wanted to do a different color-way this time around (our last shirts were olive green with a darker green print and white with a hot pink print). This time we are going to print them on light gray sweatshirts and white thermals. We are torn on which color to print them, though: black, grayish blue or the peach above. 

So... what do you guys think?

Would you prefer a peach, black, or grayish-blue print?

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Will be back tomorrow with the photoshop tutorial on how to make eyes pop. I actually have all the step by step screen shots uploaded into blogger I just didn't have time to add the directions. Hopefully, though, I will be able to do that at some point today or tonight and will have that post ready to go tomorrow. 


  1. That tote looks great, Jennifer. Do you make your designs in Illustrator? I've been trying to learn that program. I'm looking forward to your eye pop post :)

  2. love the new color! To me it looks more coral than peach but that's a very 'in' color right now :)

  3. I voted for grayish blue, but the peach would be pretty too!


  4. Hey Tricia! Yes, I do use Illustrator. I LOVE Illustrator. It took me years to really figure it out but now I much prefer working in it to anything else. I use photoshop for photo editing, of course, but when I add text onto photos I always bring the photo into Illustrator and then start adding text.

    Natalie - it is funny that you say that. I had thought about calling it coral but couldn't decide if it was dark enough so stuck with the more generic peach. =) Maybe I will switch it to coral though!

  5. Jennifer I love this well-said tote! You are one busy girl!

  6. this is one of my favorite quotes of all time. so excited you are putting it on a sweatshirt! i need it!

  7. hope and heart... thanks for both this morning!


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