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Monday, March 26, 2012

Two New Easter Downloadable Prints and a New Paisley Pillow

I am so excited! Jason has gotten some of our new equipment put together and we are one-step closer to being able to produce much larger quantities than before and to finally be able to actually start producing some different types of products that have been in the idea stages for months and months! It is probably not going to be until summer that we have everything really working but I am so excited about all of the possibilities now that we are in the much larger workspace.

In the meantime I have finished decorating for Easter at our house. I took tons and tons of pictures yesterday but only had time get a couple ready for a post last night. I thought I would show you this little mirrored chest and the two new Easter downloadable prints. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some more pictures done and will show you some of the Easter eggs we made over the weekend and how we used them in our dining room. And I hope to have a step-by-step post on how we made some of our eggs as well as pictures of our whole downstairs. If only there were a few more hours in each day... Oh well, I will post them as I make my way through them all.


This Easter download is available in our shop in this color, as well as one with a touch of pink.

And this one is available in both this purple color:

 Along with this more neutral color:

And although it doesn't really go with this post, I thought I would mention we have a new Reagan Pillow Cover now available in a pretty blue paisley print!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I can't wait to show you some Easter eggs - hopefully tomorrow!


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  2. Beautiful..I love the egg tree on the mirrored dresser...Have a great day..

  3. The chest looks beautiful. Where do you purchase your faux florals. They always look so nice. I was looking at some pussy willow branches the other day...and they looked to fake. Any advice on putting together arrangements would be great.


    1. I agree, Liz! Most faux florals look quite fake. Every once in a while I will stumble across some that don't and I snatch them up. I got those cherry blossoms at Pier 1 about five years ago. They looked pretty real so I grabbed a bunch of them and pull them out every spring. I prefer to use real greenery, branches, flowers whenever possible but branches like this come in handy sometimes too! I have also gotten a few nice faux florals at Pottery Barn and a store called Savvy here in Williamsburg.

  4. As usual your decor hits such a harmonious cord! So soft and serene and full of... your style! Beautiful!

  5. Well done, Jennifer!

    Love the mirrored chest, it shows off your Easter vignette nicely!

    Grats on the new equipment, yay that should help you much!

    And thank you for the printables, they are lovely.

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Oh my gosh I love your decor and that pillow is gorgeous!!! xo

  7. Love the new fabric for the pillow, and your easter decor is beautiful!

  8. Love how you share your faith!!!
    I invite you to visit my world as well!!!
    Blessings Lori

  9. Your home is gorgeous. I love to see how you decorate for each season and holiday. The downloads are wonderful. And that pillow--WOW! I love it. ♥

  10. Beautiful as always Jennifer. Love every little detail!

  11. What a pretty Easter-springtime vignette! Pretty pillow too. Thank you for more lovely printables with messages of faith. I have enjoyed using some of the other ones you've made available. Blessings, Marann


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