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Friday, April 6, 2012

Last Good Friday We Met Lola...(And a couple restocked items)

 It's still a couple more weeks before her actual birthday, but it was on Good Friday last year at 8:02PM this little bundle of joy arrived:

I guess I better get to work on some projects for her birthday! I had planned on starting way ahead of time so I wouldn't be in a rush and doing things last minute...looks like that ship has sailed. Although I haven't done anything for her party yet, I did do a couple of other projects this week that as soon as I get photographed I will show you.

Also we have restocked our Elizabeth Placemat Sets
And finally have restocked some photo editing options!
(Both the basic edit, and the edit with text options).

I hope you all have a blessed Good Friday!


  1. Truly a Good Friday! Blessings & Best Wishes to you & your beautiful family.

  2. i cant believe your sweet little lola is going to be one! she is such a gorgeous little girl. rowan just turned one as well. it happens so fast! good luck with the party-planning, i have no doubt it will be anything short of a beautiful little celebration. (i'm still trying to recover from ours). hope all is well!

  3. That picture of Lola is so lovely! You are truly blessed!

  4. Jennifer,

    LOVE what you did with that beautiful picture - brilliant!

    As far as Lola (happy birthday to such a sweetums!) it will all work out - besides, when they're little they don't require much fussing.

    Take care and blessings be yours!

  5. What an adorable baby girl..
    You have a beautiful family..
    Happy Easter to you and your family..

  6. Happy Birthday to sweet little Lola! I love that photo editing with the text, especially since I have two dancers. Wishing you and your family a Blessed Easter!

  7. Hi !That picture of Lola is so cute.Such a pretty cute.Love you Lola.
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  8. Happy Birthday to sweet Lola! Have a wonderful Easter.


  9. Happy Birthday to your precious Lola!! What a wonderful day to be born :)


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