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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Violette Field Threads and Bartimaeus Project

We've been quite busy these past few days! I finally finished up several different projects I've been working on but the biggest one was part one of building Lola a little toddler bed. She loves it. It's so cute seeing how excited she is about it but a little sad too. =(  I took some photos of it in her room yesterday and also took photos as I was building it so I will have a tutorial for it at some point once I get the photos onto my computer and edited. 

Anyway, I wanted to pop in this weekend to let you know about a couple of things. First, I wanted to introduce our newest sponsor, Violette Field Threads. They make patterns and tutorials for the most darling children's clothing and accessories. Violette Field Threads is the creation of two best friends, Ericka and Jessica, who have a passion for design and sewing. They orginally each created their own boutique clothing line and the demand quickly outgrew what they could supply on our own. Because their real passion was in the design and creative side of their work, they joined forces and Violette Field Threads PDF Patterns and Tutorials was born. Their patterns are thoughtfully written down to smallest detail. This allows for even beginning sewers to create designer looks. Here are a few of my favorite patterns from their website:
The Emmaline Dress Pattern:

The Josephine Blouse and Dress Pattern:

They also have accessory patterns like this Felicity Flower Pattern:

Be sure to visit their shop, blog and facebook page!

And second, we wanted to share with you what we are choosing for our January Donation. A portion of each sale during the month of January will go to the Bartimaeus Project.

"The Bartimaeus Project is a collaborative effort between doctors, host parents, field missionaries in The Philippines, donors and our board of directors. The project seeks to glorify God by serving visually impaired orphans.  We are not an adoption agency but we work in close connection with an agency accredited to place Filipino children into permanent homes. We provide opportunities for visually impaired orphans to receive sight-restoring surgery in the United States and to be hosted by families who feel drawn toward adoption. We also provide hands-on therapy to children in orphanage care at no cost to the orphanage."

You can read more about the Bartimaeus Project by clicking here.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!


  1. I just had to share this with you: My three year old son got so excited when he saw the header of your blog today. First he pointed to Lola and said "a cute baby!" Then he pointed to Lillie and said "a princess!". It was so cute!

    1. That is too cute, Lisa! I bet my girls would love him!

  2. Absolutely adorable clothing - and a beautiful way to donate this month!!!
    Cannot wait to see Lola's new bed.: ) Have a beautiful weekend~
    Leah: )

  3. Cute patterns! I just checked out their website. Great idea on the Bartimaeus project too.

  4. Cute patterns! I just checked out their website.

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful clothes and patterns. I just ordered the Maxi pattern, it will be perfect for our trip to HI soon!

    The little girl in the Maxi dress looks so much like Lillie!


  6. I loved this POST and the dresses are so cute.. I will have my niece look at these.. Just loved them.. Have a blessed New Week !!!!

  7. I check your blog daily and this post put a smile on my face. Not only do you have an awesome new sponsor, but how amazing it is to be able to give back. As a person of filipino decent, I appreciate your decision in promoting awareness to such organizations that assist these children.

    Your blog reflects the beauty of your heart :)


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