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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our New Give Thanks Placemats

We are excited to be offering placemats again! The first ones we have available are done in our give thanks script. And yes, we had to switch out our farmhouse table with our other one because even though I liked the warmth of the farmhouse one in here so much better it was too long for the space and we were afraid one of the girls was really going to hurt themselves on the corner of it when they came running in from the porch. I plan on giving it a fresh coat of paint. Mostly likely it will be in a darker gray to help break up all of the white but I haven't decided exactly what color yet. Possibly Shenandoah Taupe (which is really more of a medium gray color) which I used on the base of the dining room bench I made last fall. And no, I don't actually have my pumpkins out yet - haha! I just got them from the attic and used them to give these placemats a more appropriate "autumny" setting. =) You can get a little peek of our new sconces in this shot. I'll be back with more photos and details of our family room this week!

We also have listed our maple leaf cutouts in a new color!

And we've restocked them in cream as well! Have a blessed week ahead! I plan on being back tomorrow with photos of the progress we made in Jason's kitchen!


  1. Love the new placemats Jennifer! Fall is my favorite season. I will have to bring out my Give Thanks pillow shortly. Your house is looking beautiful.

  2. Fab placemats, they looks gorgeous with the table...xv

  3. I'm am so itching to put out fall decor!! Beautiful placemats!!!

  4. Love the placemats! And I also like your dining table, I guess I have something for pedestal anything.

  5. Love your placemats! Hope the details of the family room include the DIY for the amazing chevron background behind your pictures!

    1. Thanks, Diane. You can find the tutorial for those here:

  6. I still want to get your pillow. Love the Fall stuff out already. I need a little Fall fix myself. I did buy a pumpkin yesterday at the store bakery. I couldn't resist. I like that table in your space. I keep looking at the oval one they have for sale at Pier One. Can't wait to see all of your house. Do you think you will use Ashley gray again. Is all of your family room and kitchen Simply a white?

  7. All i can say, is pretty, pretty, pretty! Love the placemats, and the white hydrangeas. I think it's cool that the placemats remind us to be thankful, what a nice energy to put out there when sitting at the table. Your house is coming together so beautifully, and so fast!



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