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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Joyfolie Discount for You and a Happy Halloween from Lillie, Lola and Evie

As many of your know,  I love the beautiful shoes, clothing and accessories by Joyfolie.  When I first got to know Jessica we were both selling our items on Etsy. Over the past few years Joyfolie has grown and grown and grown... Their shoes are now manufactured and have been sold at places like Anthropologie and on Piperlime and have been featured everywhere from the red carpet to! If you have never been to the Joyfolie website let me just tell you, you are in for a visual treat! 
Well, guess what? Today Jessica is offering all of our 
Dear Lillie readers a 25% discount on all items that are NOT labeled "New"! Just in time for Christmas shopping. 

I love the Lenah Dress. In fact, I just ordered it last week and am hoping to have the girls wear it in our Christmas card photo this year.

Here are some of my other favorite items:

 the Hazel

I got the Lavalia in Gray  last year for Lillie and Lola and it is one of my favorite pieces. It goes with everything and is so darling!

I think my pink little princess, Lola would LOVE this outfit!

To get this discount just use the code DEARL25! 
Please keep in mind it will not work on items marked new but will work on everything else, including sale items!

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween! I am hoping to get some pictures of the girls tonight in their costumes but who knows how that will go - haha! This is what happened when I got out my real camera to try to get a shot of them in their matching pajamas from Mimi:

Hopefully I'll have better luck tonight when they are in their costumes but I am not going to hold my breath. =)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween Jennifer...that last shot is precious!!

  2. Lola is cracking me up here!! I love Joyfolie but two boys just aren't appreciative. :-)

  3. ahahahah! they look so beautiful!!!
    happy halloween!

  4. Jennifer . They are so precious and LOVE the outfits. OMGOODNESS those boots TOO SWEET .. HUGS and happy Halloween

  5. I want all of the darling clothes in my size! I love the last photo. Lola's expression! Adorable matching pjs. Happy Halloween!

  6. Lola's expression is priceless:) love the matching pj's!

  7. That shot it so funny and real and perfect!

  8. I wish I had a little girl to dress with these adorable clothes and shoes. I love them! Your kiddos are the cutest ever and the baby is precious.

  9. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! to you and your family also. That picture is priceless, its so real it seems as if Lola is saying MOM, are you going to make us sit here and take another picture! How many does this make. Fifty thousand, one hundred and sixty three million,
    (there made up number) lol! Lolas expression says it all! thanks, Shawn follower in Md.

  10. I love those boots. I want to them so bad! Love your blog. Keep up the good work.


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