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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Other Side of the New Painted Room (Sideboard, Pantry, Back Hall)

Last week I showed you the family room side of our newly painted room. And today I thought I would share the other side of the room (except for the kitchen cabinets because I just finished painting them this weekend and haven't put all of the pulls/handles back on the cabinet doors yet).

I also finally painted the inside of the pantry. I skipped over it when we first moved in but it felt so good to freshen it up in there. The walls were a scratched up mess. I would imagine it had been years and years since they had been painted. I actually have another fun little plan for in here that I am hoping to get to in the next few weeks.

There's probably close to a foot to both the right and left side of the doors in the pantry so I keep some of the not as visually appealing items that we don't use on a day to day basis stored there. The girls practically never close these doors so it's nice having it look organized seeing how it's pretty much the first thing you see when you enter our house the back way which pretty much everyone does. And because we keep alot of our dishes stored in our sideboard and the rolling cart in our dining room we also keep most of our baking things and some of our other food items in our cupboards.

I should have taken these photos AFTER a trip to the store. The cookie jars would have looked a lot prettier with more than just a couple of cookies at the bottom. Ha!

I also painted the back hallway so now all of the trim in our house in officially white! (Well, except our master bathroom but that's the one room we haven't touched yet). We used to have a bunch of mini clothespins hanging in rows and rows on the wall to the right of the chalkboard door and I think I am going to put it them back up. Although it helps make this tiny little hallway look less cluttered with it down I miss seeing all the family photos we had hanging from them so I think I am going to put them back up.

Source List:

Trim Color- Simply White Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore
Wall Color- Horizon in Eggshell by Benjamin Moore
Doors - Mopboard Black in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore
Sideboard - made by me, you can read more about it here
Cereal Containers - World Market
Glass Jars - Some from HomeGoods and some from World Market
Wooden Box - HomeGoods
Bottle Caddy - HomeGoods
Bottles - Mineral Water from Fresh Market 
Wreath - Birch Lane
Marble Board - gift
Oversized Mason Jar - World Market
Crackle Bucket/Planter - Birch Lane
Antlers - World Market 
Pumpkin - purchased at Michael's and then painted
Frame - IKEA
Organization Items in Pantry - Target, HomeGoods, World Market
Organization Items in Back Hall - HomeGoods
Counters - Honed Carrara Marble
Dishes - Emma Collection from Pottery Barn (wedding gifts)
Dishes - Mikasa
Oversized Chalkboard - made by me, you can read more about it here

That's it for now! I hope you all have a happy Monday!


  1. You have such a great sense of organization. Would you be willing to do some posts and show us the inside of your cabinets and your mail/bill/household paperwork organization system. I am always looking for ideas to tame the clutter in our house.

    1. Thanks! I've never really felt overly organized, but If I ever master it, we will be sure to share some tips!

  2. Beautifully done, as always! Love the cereal in the containers, can just imagine the girls choosing their breakfast each morning;)

  3. Oh Jennifer I love your chalkboard door! What a clever idea! Course I love all you decorate! I have enjoyed all of the products I have purchased from you. Displayed all over my home. I get so many compliments too!

    Susan in Oklahoma

  4. Great spot for school work, instead of the front of the frig! Also love your organization of pasta and cereal. Tidiness is so pleasing!

  5. Your home is so inspiring....and pretty!!

  6. As always, it looks amazing! Love it!

  7. Organized and stylish, I love it all! Must be wonderful having everything in its place. Fabulous work, Jennifer!!

  8. I cannot believe you have time to move cereal/pasta/cookies from boxes to pretty containers when you get home from the store. I have 5 under 5 and I'm lucky if the milk makes it to the fridge!

  9. Beautiful, as always! Wish my pantry looked half as organized! ;) Love the cookbooks in the crate - what a great idea!


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