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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Textured Demijohn Bottle

We are excited to be participating in Décor Steals’ “Décor Ingenuity Event”. Décor Steals sent us this blue textured demijohn jug. It's a beautiful piece and we filled it with fresh-cut branches from the outside and used in two spots in our home. 

I love bringing the outdoors in as much as possible and these flowering branch clippings made the whole house feel like spring was finally here. First I used them on our kitchen table, which was my favorite and where it ultimately ended up:

 I'll have more photos of this room with our new chairs later this week! 

And then I also tried it out in our guest bedroom. 

One of my all time favorite bloggers, Courtney from A French Country Cottage also shared how she used hers and it's gorgeous! 

Be sure to check sign up at Decor Steals. They have a limited number of these available at a great discount. And they are also hosting a giveaway on their Facebook page if you want to head over and enter. They are giving away TWO bottles and TWO $50 Gift Cards! 

Have a fabulous Wednesday! 


  1. Hey I have those same chairs in my kitchen!! You will love them :)

  2. Love the rustic, french look throughout the room. The bottle only adds another perfect touch of elegance to rest of the room.

  3. I love the bottle, especially on that kitchen table! It compliments the aqua in the pillows on the couch without being overboard. It's a lovely Spring color.

  4. Your photos are magic! Beauty bottle & plant!

  5. This bottle is so pretty, and looks absolutely amazing in your house filled with the flowering cherry blossoms. Who could resist it after looking at these photos!


  6. Jennifer,
    I just love that bedroom! It's so peaceful. I never thought I'd be a fan of grey (remember the cold greys of the 90's?) but I'm smitten! Your photos inspire me!


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