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Saturday, July 25, 2015

More Progress in Our Den/Study

When we moved our Arhaus sofa into our family room that left a spot in our den/study that we needed to fill. We wanted something comfortable that also had a bit of a sophisticated feel to it. I'd been eyeing this sofa at Savvy for quite a while now and after inquiring about it discovered it belonged to Barbara Hartmann Interiors. Barbara gave us a deal we couldn't pass up and we were thrilled to add this to the room. We also highly recommend you give her a call if you are looking for a designer. I've seen several spaces she has designed and they are absolutely stunning!

We are still on the hunt for the right ottoman (we stole this one from the playroom a couple of months ago and took the slipcover off and are using it in here temporarily) and probably some leather chairs but other than that this room is almost finished. We just added the side table from HomeGoods last week. It wasn't what I had in mind originally but I brought it home to try because I was looking for something with a round top and I ended up liking it. We also added the lamp on the table and the golfer from HomeGoods as well. The one thing that we did change up though since taking these pictures was the white fluffy pillows. The girls picked those out but they only lasted a couple of hours before they were dubbed much too girly for this space by the male of the house. =)

The photo is of my great great grandparents. 

Source List:  

Wall Color - Midsummer Night in Matte by Benjamin Moore
Trim Color - Simply White in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore
Door Color - Mopboard Black in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore

Sofa - Barbara Hartmann Interiors
Pillows - HomeGoods
Ottoman - Target about 8 1/2 years ago (only in here temporarily)
Plaid Throw - HomeGoods
Clock (not shown) - Savvy Home and Garden in Williamsburg
Mirror above Fireplace - family antique
Side Table - HomeGoods
Books on Table - miscellaneous gifts
Little Tiny Vase on Table - Painted Fox
Lamp on Table - HomeGoods
Golfer - HomeGoods
Gold Frame - Gift 
Standing Lamp - Consignment Shop Find years agoRug - Joss and Main
Drapery Panels - Ritva Panels from IKEA
Print on the mantel - Gift - purchased at Savvy years about 7 years ago

Frames on Gallery Wall (not shown) - Michael's
Vase of Branches (cut from yard) - Painted Fox
Trophy-like Urn - Purchase on 75% clearance at a store called Seasons about 6 years ago
Books on Shelves - Passed on down or gifted from family members
Large White Book - Blurb photo albums
Small White Books - Chatbook photo albums
Grand Plaza Print - Arhaus

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I like the new table and the new couch. They really add to the room.
    Michelle from

  2. What did you end up doing with the sectional that was in your family room? Or did I miss that?!

  3. It's all in your attention to details. Such a cozy inviting space! LOVE it. What did you do with your IKEA sectional?

  4. Thanks so much, Sharon! The sectional has been donated :)

  5. Hi, Can you tell me where your rug is from. I love the look and size.

  6. Is the rug an actual hide? Also, what size is it? I am in LOVE with this room!!!

    1. Hi! It's a faux. Unfortunately I don't know the size though--sorry!

  7. oh so in love with this room - and I love the faux rug!

  8. My question is a bit personal. You have two young girls, a great blog, a business and big, beautiful and very clean house. How do you manage?! Please do share your secrets. I am in awe of your diligence, zeal and endless passion.

    1. You are sweet, Viola - and I love your name! My brother, Jason handles the business side of Dear Lillie and as far as the other stuff - I don't sleep a whole lot. =)

    2. Thank you Jen. I have been following your blog for quite a while (ever since you were still living in your old townhouse). I have to say that what sets you apart from many other talented bloggers is that, you are very fast, as in, you made over your house the minute you moved in. As a reader, that is so satisfying and amazing to share your journey because we don't have to wait 2 years for you to makeover, say, one bedroom. Your hardwork and faith in God have inspired me so much. And your lil cousin's "I love you all the way to God and back" quote is gonna be framed in my house someday! Stay blessed.

  9. Love the pillows!!! Did you get all of them at Home Goods? Was it recently???

  10. Thank you! Yes--we got them all recently there :)

  11. Hi! Could you tell me the brand of the sofa please?

  12. Hi! I'm painting a wall charcoal and noticed that the texture shows so much more! I just sampled it, and planning to get matte paint, but I'm curious if your wall have the typical builder's texture? any tips for painting dark walls? TIA!

    1. Hi! Jenni's walls are relatively smooth, but going with a flat or matte finish definitely helps.


  13. hi i was wondering where the art work above the sofa was from?

  14. hi i was hoping you could tell me where the artwork came from above the sofa :)


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