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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lemonade/Cupcake Stand

The girls have been really into baking the last several months and have been begging to do a cupcake and lemonade stand all summer. We originally were just planning on using our folding table but Lola was convinced "we should at least TRY to build something". I told them if we had enough scrap wood in the garage then we could. And lucky for them we had just about all we needed to make one. This isn't really a tutorial seeing how this was more of a makeshift project that we made up as we went along but here are a few quick cell phone images so you can see the general idea of how we constructed it.

We used two pieces of plywood for the two sides and then used two pieces leftover from when we built our dining room table for the top. I used our Kreg jig to make some pocket holes and then laid the top pieces on the ground and held the side up above it and drilled them in and then flipped it upright. After that I added a little piece across the bottom and top (right underneath the actual top boards) so that we would have a way to attach the front pieces.

We didn't have enough pieces for the front so we did have to go purchase some wood for this part but we liked the idea of doing alternating pink and white pieces like a drawing we had seen on Ana White's website (if we had started from scratch and not used our scrap wood we would have used her tutorial) and this turned out to be my favorite part!

The girls painted the boards and the sides of the stand while I stained the top pieces and then I just screwed the pink and white boards on and then added the top part to hold the sign and that was it for the building part. It's definitely far from perfect but it's nice and sturdy.

We used the banner from their bedroom to add some fun color and one of our old lemonade signs that we used to sell in our shop. And then the girls spend two days baking pumpkin bread, brownies and lots of cupcakes to get ready for their stand. They were so excited. They did all the baking themselves (except the oven of course), and I squirted out the icing while they did the sprinkles (they actually often do that part themselves but we were on a bit of a time crunch that day). They have had so much fun doing it. They set it up four different times last week and have gone through almost four dozen cupcakes - ha!

Don't worry - the cupcakes weren't $7! That's Lillie's "fancy" $1. =) 

We got these cute little cupcakes holders at HomeGoods:

Source List:

Stand: We built it - you can find some similar ones for sale here
Banner - Made from leftover Pip Studio Wallpaper from the girls' bedroom
Lemonade Sign - We made it
Lemonade Jug - Pottery Barn
Large Cake Stand - Pottery Barn
Smaller Cake Stand - HomeGoods
Serving Dishes for Brownies and Pumpkin Bread - HomeGoods
Chevron Cupcake Liners, Straws, Paper Cups, Plates and Napkins - HomeGoods
Pink and White Cupcake Liners - TomKat Studio
Milk Bottles - Painted Fox
Car - Antique shop six years ago (similar here and here)
Lillie's Hat - Joyfolie

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. That is ADORABLE! And so are they! :) Happy end of summer! ~julie

  2. How precious!!! I wish it wasn't an all day drive for us!!! There's a bunch of little people - and not so little people! - who would love to be "customers!"

  3. Everything looks so yummy and what a pretty lemonade stand! I love how involved the girls were in the making of it and baking. They will treasure these memories when they get older. Those chocolate cupcakes looks divine! The girls are so cute Jennifer.

  4. Jen,
    This is lovely and very sweet! How lucky are your girls, to have such a talented and fun mommy?! They will always have these sweet memories from their childhood. Sincerely, Lori Swearingen ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, cutest lemonade stand ever

  6. Lovely! Everything is so compatible:-) ath this car - I love it:-)

  7. That lemonade stand is adorable. And your girls are so sweet and cute. Love this post.


  8. I just adore your blog! Your family is so cute & creative! Love!!

  9. This is a lovely lemonade stand.I will definitely check it out if I'll see something like this on the street. The presentation is very nice! Perfect for small gatherings, fairs and other celebrations.

  10. I LOVE that you had the girls right in there with you learning how to build things. That's gonna come in handy some day! Cutest lemonade stand ever! the pink and white stripes are adorable... ... who could resist buying those yummy treats from such darlin little creatures!



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