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Monday, February 22, 2016

Lillie's New Room

Well, here is Lillie's new room. There are still two things that aren't quite finished. We have a new sign that is going to go on the wall to the right of her desk and I'm on the hunt for a larger storage type bench for under her gallery wall but other than that her room is pretty much finished so I figured we would go ahead and share the pictures. As we mentioned in the preview post we shared last month, we mostly used furniture we already had in the two guest rooms but because they all had a more "grown-up" type feel to them, we tried to make it still feel child-like and whimsical with the addition of the wallpaper and some of the accessories. I think it is my new favorite wallpaper! It's from Wallpaper Direct and you can find it here. We just did one wall to start with, but Lillie and I both love it so much I think we will probably end up doing her whole room with it. In fact that's on our list of things to do this spring. We'll see if that actually happens or not, though. Ha!

I had been eyeing a small gold chandelier to add in here but then we took the chandelier down from the room she and Lola had been sharing because we put a basketball hoop in there now that it is just Lola's room. Seeing how there was no way a basketball and a chandelier would mix it made sense to move it in here. Plus this was the chandelier my parent's bought for Lillie's nursery when I was pregnant with her so it was sweet to be able to add it in here. We kept the basic white bedding and pom pom trimmed bedskirt from Country Curtains that was already on this bed but then added some beautiful shams and a gorgeous ruffled duvet from Land of Nod which was a nice way to add some of the pink that Lillie loves in here. We already had the black and white pillows that we bought at Target several years ago and the dresser and side table we've had for years as well. The white dresser is a little bit bigger and bulkier than I'd like to have over there but for now seeing how it's something we already had it works fine. In time I'd like to switch it out to something a little bit smaller. 

Over on this side of the room we added a fun gallery wall for Lillie full of some black and white posters with scenes from her beloved Sound of Music that we found online at the Movie Market. She's been obsessed with that movie since last summer and I can't tell you how many times she's watched it over and over and over... She and Lola even dressed up as Liesl for Halloween and my mom dressed up as Maria. Then we mixed in a "L" that we found at Michael's and she painted it glitter gold. And then we added a clipboard and hung one of our old prints, several of her favorite photos and a sweet little "Go Lillie" sign that her friend Amelia made and brought to one of Lillie's basketball games earlier this winter. I'd like to swap out the little trunk that's there now with something longer but that also has some storage space. That's where she currently keeps all of her stuffed animals. 

Lillie's favorite items in her new room are the two new pieces - her desk and chair. She's been asking for her own desk for what feels like forever - ha! We got the adorable bunny chair during a big sale right after Christmas at Pottery Barn TeenAnd the desk was a floor model piece on huge clearance from Pottery Barn Kids. It's funny, it's not at all what I had in mind when I was looking for a desk for this space but the second Lillie and I saw it we both knew it was going to be perfect for her room!  The heart marquee and little dog tape dispenser are both from Target, the gold L is from Michael's and the little bunny was a thrift shop find my mom found her. The "This Little Light of Mine Print" is from our shop. We made her little pinboard from a frame we had in the attic that I think I've had for probably ten years or so. I think it was originally something I found at a consignment shop and painted and then covered what was on there with some extra fabric. The corkboard we'd added at one point (that's underneath the fabric) was in pretty rough shape so at some point I need to fix it up a bit more but seeing how it's usually covered in all sorts of things she pins on there you can't really even see it - ha! The rest of the room is pretty true to how her room always looks but I did tidy up her pinboard both for the sake of photos and to remove quite a few of the items on her pinboard that were more personal like pictures of friends, class lists, homework stuff, etc. As soon as I finished taking these pictures I quickly pinned them all back. =) 

The chair was on clearance from a local outlet store a couple of years ago and was already in this room. I originally wasn't planning on keeping it in here because it felt a little too grown up, however it has turned into a nice little spot for Lillie to snuggle up and read in so I think we actually will leave it in there. We added this cute little pillow and pink tufted poof both from Land of Nod to help make it feel more fun. And she found this fuzzy cozy rug at HomeGoods and it worked out perfectly in there.

We stole the deer painting I did for Lola's room just for these photos. Later this week we plan on adding our brand new Dear Lillie sign to that spot on the wall. 

We found this cute little heart shaped pinboards at Target a couple of months ago and added them to the girls' doors and she and Lola love leaving little notes on them. She informed me she would like me to mention she can write much neater than this - she was just writing quickly. Haha! 

You can't see them in most of the other photos because I had them turned off but these fun little star lights we found from Restoration Hardware Teen add some nice lighting at night to read by. They look way more yellow in this photo than they really are. They are more of a white light. 

They are really thin so when they are turned off you cannot even tell they are there!

We found this cute little heart garland with lights at Target and the horse bookend is from HomeGoods. The frame was from Target years ago. The curtains were already in here so we just added some pom pom trim that we bought at Joann's to make it feel a little more fun. The dresser was already in this room on the opposite wall that I don't think we ever shared when it was a guest room. We got it from Joss and Main several years ago. We removed the handles and spray painted them gold to go with the other gold accents in the room. The lamp was from a thrift store years ago and we just swapped it out from the other guest room when we did the switch. 

We made this little  bunny pillow by copying one of the little characters from the wallpaper. I messed up when I was sewing the ears and they are way taller and skinnier than how I had originally sketched them out - whoops! Oh well.

The cute little lamp, notebook and and frame are all from HomeGoods and the gold vase was actually once a candle from Target. And then there's the current American Girl book she's reading. 

The mirror was from Pottery Barn almost ten years ago and the piggy bank was a gift from my sister, Dana, to Lillie when she was tiny. I think it was from Target. The little polka dot jewelry box is from Target and I love the trophy urn from the Arrow's Nest.

And I think that about covers it!

Source List:

Wall Color - Graystone by Benjamin Moore
Trim Color - Simply White in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore
Door Color - Mopboard Black in Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore
Wallpaper - Portraits from Wallpaper Direct
Bed - Overstock and we changed out the fabric
Antique Style Ruffled Duvet and Shams - Land of Nod
White Quilt - have had for years and years, I think possibly from Target
Pom Pom Bedskirt and Shams - Country Curtains a couple of years ago
Bunny Pillow - We made it
Black and White Pillows on Bed - Target
Rug - HomeGoods
Chair - The Loft furniture outlet in Williamsburg
Pink Tufted Poof - Land of Nod
Little Girl Pillow - Land of Nod
Black Velvet Pillow - HomeGoods
Black and White Throw - Ikea
Heart Garland - Target
Tall Dresser - Joss and Main
Trophy Urn - Arrows' Nest
Horse Bookend - HomeGoods
Mirror above Dresser - Pottery Barn close to ten years ago
Standing Lamp - from a consignment shop years and years ago
Drapery Panels - Ritva Panels from IKEA (96") 
with Pom Pom trim from JoAnn's
Shades - from Lowe's, they are now discontinued
Bunny Desk Chair - Pottery Barn Teen
Desk - Pottery Barn Kids
Chandelier - Restoration Hardware Baby and Child (over seven years ago)
Heart Shaped Pin Board - Target
Heart Shaped Marquee Light - Target
Dog Tape Dispenser - Target
Silver Chest - TJMaxx with pulls from HomeGoods
Little White Round Table - Target years and years ago
Lamp on Table - HomeGoods
Piggy Bank - Gift years ago (from Target)

Books - American Girl
Polka Dot Jewelry Box - Target
Chest with Stuffed Animals - HomeGoods
L on Desk - Michael's 
L on wall - Micheal's
Bunny on desk - thrift shop
notebooks and pencils - HomeGoods
Sound of Music posters - Movie Market 
Metal Boxes next to desk - HomeGoods
You Are My Sunshine Print - Dear Lillie (sold out)
This Little Light of Mine Print - Dear Lillie

I hope you all are have a fabulous week!

Thank you so much to Wallpaper Direct and Land of Nod for providing items for this room. 


  1. What a gorgeous room. Even my teenager would LOVE it!! Certainly will grow with her! Marcy

  2. Jennifer,
    As usual I am in awe of your talents! The room is absolutely stunning. It is so sweet and peaceful...Lillie is such a lucky little girl to have such a special room. Sincerely, Lori Swearingen :)

  3. Omgoodness what a SWEET room! So full of charm & cozy decor. I love that it's not stark & feels comfy with all the unique touches & the colors are sooo soothing, yet mature. The ADORABLE wallpaper & whimsical lights are the icing on the cake. Can I have this room? HeHe. Happy Tuesday - enjoy your new room Lillie!


  4. Pinning of course (that basketball is huge or Lillie is itty bitty, good job Lillie!)

  5. Just ADORABLE!! What girl couldn't LOVE this room !! You have such great creative vision. Great job!

  6. I love the color of that desk and oh the desk chair with bunny ears, so incredibly cute!!!!

    Erin, Attention To Darling

  7. i love the bunny ear chair. love it. i love the vintage yet playful look of this space. The wallpaper is perfect. It brings all of the little details together.

  8. Truly love it and the memories she'll make in that sweet room will be priceless. Good job, mamma! ��

  9. What a wonderful new room for Lillie! And I love that it can grow with her. Abby would love to have a gallery wall with Sound of Music posters!! She absolutely loves that movie as well - I will have to keep that idea in mind! :)

  10. Pure eye candy! I am a real detail person and I absolutely love every single detail in this room - from that sweet bunny chair to those amazing Sound of Music prints! I'm sure Lillie loves her room and will make may memories there!

  11. It's the perfect balance between grown up and a kid. And that chair with bunny ears is too cool!

  12. Perfection! Just incredible!

  13. Jennifer,
    This room is so cute. I love the gray on the wall and the perfect amount of pink and black accents in the room. Everything was so well thought out. I can tell you spent so much time picking out the specifics so both you and your daughter would love the room. It really is a dream room.

  14. This room is incredible! I would live in one just like it! So inviting and cozy!

  15. Hi Jennifer, didn't see it on the list... wondering if the heart-shaped push-pins are from Target as well?? Super cute - and this bedroom is absolutely adorable and cozy!!
    Thank you and happy weekend!
    Leah: )

    1. Thanks, Leah! They came with the pinboard.


  16. What a beautiful and fun room! Just perfect!

  17. Hello! Beautiful room! Just wondering how much wall paper you bought for that one wall? I'm wanting wall paper for one of my girls walls and not sure how much I need to buy!

    1. Thanks, Whitney! Jenni got two double rolls, and that was plenty. I believe they do also have a calculater on their site that is pretty helpful in determining how much you need!


  18. Hi-I love this room (and all your rooms!). I am going to use the same color in my daughter's room. I usually use eggshell finish, but have noticed that you sometimes use matte finish and am intrigued. Do you remember what you used in this room? Overall, what finish do you recommend for a bedroom? Thanks so much. -Julie

    1. Hi, Julie! Jenni ended up going with matte in this room. Because this home was a bit older, the walls had some flaws here and there. Matte finishes tend to hide those a little better than anything with a gloss in it. That being said if the walls are in good condition she does prefer eggshell or satin, which are much more scrubbable (so preferable with small children).

      Hope this helps!



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