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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jamie and Josh's New Entryway

My sister Jamie, and her husband Josh and their two adorable little girls moved in December. They sold the house that they built a few years ago (that we featured quite a few times her on Dear Lillie) and moved a few towns over to where most of the rest of our family lives.

Because the house they moved into belonged to our family's beloved Uncle Bob they are doing their best to maintain the overall feel he had in here while updating it for their young family. I think the entryway absolutely perfectly pulls this off!

They removed the original wallpaper, which was quite the project, and had this stunning wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct added. We went with the dark blue color, just like in our laundry room but I love that in their entryway everyone gets to appreciate it the moment they walk in. It makes such a statement without being overwhelming and honestly it feels like it was always there and feels so much like something our Uncle Bob would have used.

My mom found this beautiful dresser at a local antique shop and it works perfectly in this space. The drawers are full of hats, mittens and other accessories (there's a closet on the opposite wall that's not in any of these pictures that holds coats, boots, etc.) Jamie had found this blue mirrors years before at an antique shop. We'd been looking for a gold mirror but hadn't had any luck and then she grabbed this one that she hadn't found a spot yet for in the new house and tried it and it ended up working beautifully. The copper jug is an antique as well as the little silhouette in the frame and books. Jamie's had the moss ball for several years and then we stole this wonderful Joss and Main lamp from her sunroom for now until we find the right lamp for in here. (We will be sharing her sunroom and patio next month!)

Over here Jamie added this bench that she had found years ago and painted and recovered. In their last house she used it in her bedroom but here it works well in the entryway. She may eventually recover the seat but for now it's nice and neutral and works just fine. The main statement on this wall is this beautiful artwork of St. Mary's Lake from Minted! I love the deep rich colors in it and the beautiful barnwood style frame. We played around with both this HomeGoods pillow:

I can't wait to share their family room and part of their kitchen later this week with you! Jamie has been working like crazy painting and getting the whole space completely made over and it looks so beautiful! You can follow along Jamie's progress on her instagram page

Source List:

Trim and Door Color - Existing when they moved in so no idea
Artwork - St. Mary's Lake from Minted in the 40 by 30 size with the reclaimed brand frame (the wood looks much lighter on the Minted website) 
Bench - Jamie found it at a consignment shop several years ago and painted and recovered it. (She may recover it again now that they've moved into their new house)
Large Square Pillow - White Home Collection in Wilton, NH
Lumbar Pillow - HomeGoods
Knit Blanket - Made by an aunt
Umbrella Stand - antique but a similar one can be found here
Umbrellas and Walking Sticks - passed down from family
Fern and other flowers - The Village Blooms
Dresser - Antique Shop
Copper Urn - Antique  
Mirror -Antique shop
Moss Ball - White Home Collection
Books - passed down from family
Silhouette - Antique
Light Fixture - Existing
Boots - Jamie's

And I also thought we would let you know that our wonderful friend Deann just came out with her newest series of paintings. They are all beautiful! I cannot decide which one I want - they are all so fabulous! 

Have a fabulous Tuesday! 


  1. What a welcoming entryway! I love the wallpaper and that umbrella stand!

  2. That is a beautiful and large entryway. The wallpaper and use of blue is wonderful.

  3. Nicely done! I liked the striped blue and white lumbaresque pillow better on that gorgeous bench. I also like it is still neutral - it keeps things from being too overly matchy matchy.

    Well done, gals!

  4. My Lord, those floors! I have recently begun to add dark blue to my own home. I can't wait to see what you share with us next. Thanks Jennifer!!!

  5. This entryway is absolutely gorgeous! I don't normally like wallpaper, but this one is fabulous. Everything from the dresser, to the bench, and the blue door is great! Kudos!

  6. Classic with a twist! I love the mix of old and new. Not only is this entry gorgeous, it's gracious.
    Cheers from DC,

  7. I have to agree with Loi!...charming, gracious, and classic. I love Jamie's IG feed!


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