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Friday, August 19, 2016

Bench Update in the Entryway (Bluestone Hill)

I found this secondhand bench years ago and recovered the dated fabric of the seat in a cream and brown pinstriped fabric that went well with our bedroom that it was in at the time. However, since we moved to Uncle Bob's and we have so much white and blue in the house, it has been looking dingy and nagging me every time I walk by it...which just so happens to be about 20 times a day. The layout of our house is one long story and the entryway is at the center of it so I have to pass through it every time we go to one of the bedrooms. Also, I always have a favorite bathroom and only use that one unless I'm forced by external circumstances to use another one. (I've been like this in all the houses we grew up in...I never once used my parents' in the house we lived in for 10 years. But the toilet was green, so there was also that. I don't trust colorful toilets.) All that aside, I pass this bench a lot. I finally got around to taking the seat off, covering it in some taupe fabric I had extra of, and painted the yellowy cream finish to a white (I think White Dove by Benjamin Moore because I had it sitting around).

I think it blends in with the blue and whites in the entryway much better now, making the lower half of the wall less distracting and allowing this beautiful Fine Art by Deann to really pop off the wall.

Here's what the wall to the right of this looks like:

You can see a peek of the beams we are painting in the living room in the reflection of the mirror. We'll be back to working on that room once we're done painting Everly's room.

Source List:

Wallpaper - Kamala in Indigo by Wallpaper Direct
Bench, dresser, and mirror - secondhand or antique stores
Pillow - Union Willow on Etsy
Baskets under the bench & bird on dresser - Home Goods
Metal vase on the floor, books - from family
White pitcher vase - Target
Round boxes on dresser - IKEA
Pendant light, trim color, door color, and hardwood floors - existing when we moved in

Have a wonderful day!  - Jamie


  1. Beautifully done! 💙

  2. That wallpaper is to die for! Sooo pretty!

    Mel |


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