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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Back Hall at Bluestone Hill

We kept our Christmas decor in the back hallway pretty simple, because after all, it is a back hallway. ;) But I didn't want to overlook it, because I think it is a hidden gem. It's one of my favorite features of the house. (I have many.) I can't wait until the girls are slightly older and I can leave the door open all the time and rest assured that they won't end up using the loop as a racetrack. Well, I can wait, because they are getting way too old already...someday when the door is permanently open I will look at it and cry. I know this because I sometimes just look at them now and start crying. (I am the cousin that cries at all the weddings. I also cry when my favorite TV character's best friend Anne Perkins deserts her and moves away to Michigan. Streaming tears. It will never be the same, no matter what she says.)

I love this little vintage mirror that I got at an antique store earlier this year:

How the door usually is now:

I love this wreath that Lynch Creek Farms sent:

I found myself raving to my husband about the beauty and freshness of it, and the amazing Christmas aroma that instantly filled our entryway when I opened the box, and realized I'm really 30 years old. In my twenties, I couldn't possibly have gotten so excited about something like a wreath. ;)

This blue and gold gift wrap instantly made me think of Bluestone Hill and Uncle Bob when I saw it at Target. And even though they are actually empty right now, I wrapped all but maybe 2 with the lids and bottoms wrapped separately so that I can actually use them to put gifts in, and can save them for decor next Christmas.

Source List:
Wall Color - Blue Note by Benjamin Moore
Trim and shelving color - existing
Wreath - Blended Bay Wreath from Lynch Creek Farms
Ship - Joss & Main
Light fixture and hardware - existing
Vintage mirror - antique store
All cream dishes - Pottery Barn
"nice" mugs - Target
Cream trohpy vase - Target
Pheasants and platter - passed down from family
Gold dot gift wrap and small circular gift box - Sugar Paper from Target
Ornaments - Michaels

Visible from den:
Couch - IKEA
Rocking chair - my husband's when he was little
Drummer boy sign - Dear Lillie
Christmas tree - real
Lantern - antique store
Plaid pillow - I made
Blue pillows - Target

Have a wonderful day! - Jamie


  1. Simple and elegant! I love it! 💙

  2. What type of wood is your flooring?

    1. Hi! They are random width oak with walnut plugs (I think they range from 4"-8").


  3. That wreath looks amazing with the navy and white room. And why must children run in circles? Must be universal....

  4. I'm turning 30 this February, I know exactly how you feel! It's so strange how you're taste for excitement evolves over time. I would be just as excited to see that wreath, it's beautiful!! So is your home!!


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