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Friday, December 9, 2016

Our New Entryway and a Few Other Little Peeks

Last week we closed on our new home! It has been a whirlwind couple of months here so we are so excited that finally this week we really feel like we can start settling in. Our new home's interior is pretty similar to our last home so it may seem a little crazy that we moved as we start sharing pictures of our new home, but the yard and driveway situation is so much more ideal for our family and the amount of time that we spend outdoors. I have literally barely had time to sit down for the last six weeks so this post will be short and not have a whole lot of words but I wanted to at least share a few little peeks into our new home and then hopefully in the next week or two I'll actually have time to really sit down and go through some more before shots.

First up here is our entryway. Some of this new house has the original wood trim and some of it was recently painted white. The entryway was one of the spaces that had the white trim (yay!!!) so in here we just painted the walls White Dove and then we painted our Soft Surroundings chest with some Wrought Iron which we had leftover from several years ago. For the holidays we added our large boxwood wreath and topiaries and our wooden horse and stocking from HomeGoods. We temporarily have our faux cowhide rug in here because it's the only rug we have that fits in this space but it's still a little too big. Once I find something else though we will move it - most likely up to our master bedroom. I may just look for a smaller version of this one because I like the way the shape fits the angled floor space. It just is a little too large. Well, it technically fits just fine but visually I think it is too large.

Over on the right wall we added the HomeGoods bench that we used to have in our dining room and a new piece of art from Deann that I absolutely LOVE. I hung it in here the moment it arrived, I love the colors so much and the church reminds me of the one that we got married in! I actually switched it the other day with a piece in the kitchen and I think I like it even better in there because of how perfectly it goes with the kitchen cabinet color, and the piece I switched it with has a gold frame which coordinates nicely with the mirror. I took these pictures though before I thought to switch them. I am hoping to take some pictures of the kitchen and family room this weekend and as long as I do I will share them next week!

We added some other festive elements (I kept switching out the wreaths, I couldn't decide which I liked better). 

To the left of the entryway is our formal living room. I painted the walls in there Blue Note which I LOVE! Jamie used it in her back hall and I thought seeing how I loved it there it was worth trying in here. I'm waiting on some draperies to arrive next week and then I'll share a few more images of the room. I can't wait to share more pictures of this rug from RugsUSA. It is beautiful! I love the vintage look to it and the soft tones.

The two rooms that had been remodeled before the prior owners put it on the market were the kitchen and the master bathroom so we are won't be doing any major changes in there. We are just adding some little touches like these gold pulls and a new gold faucet. I am waiting on a few more of the pulls (that are supposed to arrive today!) and then we will take some kitchen photos. Here's a little peek though. I think the cabinet color is Lampblack. Although I eventually plan on painting them Wrought Iron, right now I am loving the color they are! Unfortunately I don't have any details on the backsplash or counters.

Here are a few before photos of the family room that is attached to the kitchen. As you can see it is VERY VERY similar to our old house - ha! In fact, so much so that I had zero interest in it the first time I saw it. However, after the house we were originally planning on buying fell through due to some major structural issues and our house was under contract and I had crossed of just about every other house we had looked at and we were running out of time, I decided to give it another look. It met so many of the other things on our list I decided it was rather silly to ignore this one just because of this room being so similar. 

It does have this bay window though which I love! 

That's all I've got time for right now but hopefully I will have some more photos to share next week!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We will be back tomorrow with Jamie's sunroom all decked out for the holidays! It looks so amazing!

Source List:

White Trim - Existing
Walls - White Dove in Eggshell by BM
Gold Ring Chest - Soft Surroundings (painted Wrought Iron by BM)
Mirror - Soft Surroundings
Wreath - Painted Fox
Topiaries - Joss and Main
Trophy Urns - The Arrows Nest
Paperwhites - Savvy quite a few years ago
Horse - HomeGoods
Stocking - HomeGoods
Rug - Joss and Main
Church Painting - Deann
Bench - HomeGoods
Boots - Frye
Books - Vintage
Throw - HomeGoods
Gift Boxes - Target
Spool - HomeGoods
Pillow - Joss and Main
Skis - Birch Lane
Faux Cedar Wreath - Savvy years ago
Pom Pom Wreath - I made it a few years ago
Hooks - HomeGoods
Hat - Joyfolie
Scarf - Joss and Main

Cabinet Color - Lampblack (I think based on a paint can I found)
Pulls - Pottery Barn
Wood Cutting Board - Ikea
Marble and Wood Cutting Board - Birch Lane 
Marble and Wood Small Cake Stand - Birch Lane
Polka Dot Bowls - Painted Fox
Little Plates - HomeGoods
Boxwood Wreath - Savvy years ago
Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers - HomeGoods
Painting - gift from family member
Mixer - Kitchen Aid
Backspash - Existing
Counters - Existing


  1. Wow! I felt like you had just moved. When you said almost four years, well darn time flys.
    I am thrilled to follow along on a new house with you :). Your style inspires me.

  2. I had no idea you moved!! HUGE congrats!! ~Marcy

  3. I've been away too long! It seems like you just moved! I can't wait to see how you transform your new home!! Congratulations! Looking forward to touring with you next week! xox, Emily

  4. The entryway is gorgeous! I envy you having a new project! I hope the yard is amazing and your girls will enjoy! Don't work too hard!! Ps Is Soft Surroundings still open? Thks Maggie

    1. Thank you, Maggie! I checked with Jenni and she says Soft Surroundings is still open!


  5. Hello Jen Congratulations on your new home!! I'm so excited to see all the little touches you will add! You will probably address this in your upcoming post about your new rug, but I cannot wait...can you please tell me where your lamp in the formal living room is from? I've been looking for a lamp like that for a looong time, either they're not chunky enough, or not tall enough. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Jackie! Jenni says the lamp is from Aidan Gray, but she got it on clearance about 10 years ago, so it unfortunately probably isn't something they still carry.


  6. Love!!! So excited to see more of the kitchen!!!

  7. Looks amazing so far!! Congrats again on the new home. :)

  8. I love your style and will enjoy following along as you work your magic on this new (to you) home.

  9. I'm just curious about your kitchen in your old house. How did the painted cabinets hold up? I'm most curious about the hinges you painted. Did the paint flake off?

    1. Hi! I checked with Jenni and it has surprisingly held up very well on the hinges!


  10. Hello, beautiful space and congratulations on your new home. Could you tell me where you purchased the chunky lamps with the square shades in the master bedroom (nightstands) I couldn't locate those in your source list. Thanks!

  11. Sorry! I commented on the wrong post, but I'm sure you understand. You can't just read one Dear Lillie post ;)
    All caught up now.

    1. Thank you, and no worries! Jenni found the lamps at HomeGoods!



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