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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And the Winner of the Tutu is.......

Good evening, everyone! I am sorry this is so late. I have been trying to post this for almost two hours now and our internet keeps shutting down - argh!  First, I want to share a few pictures from this weekend. We took Lillie out to model the Scout Dress. The dress she is wearing is actually a size smaller than she normally wears now and she is wearing it as more of a tunic. It looks really cute with leggings now that she is getting taller! This is probably my favorite thing that my mom has made for her and she has worn it over and over and over these past 5 or 6 months. Sometimes we dress it up with a fancy pair of shoes and a bolero from Joyfolie and lots of times we dress it down and just wear it with a pair of Chucks and wear it out to play!

Lillabel wearing our Scout Dress with a clip from Princy 'n Paris

Kissing Auntie Jamie (jacket by Joyfolie)

Jamie and Josh keep trying to steal Lillie and pretend she is theirs!

We have also had a lot of fun playing down by the swamp and catching frogs last night. Here she is wearing the Ella Tank with matching hair clip and the Elise Skirt.

Josh turned some music on and Jamie and Lillie had so much fun dancing! (Well, Lillie did, anyway.... haha)

And tonight we let her ride from the house to the swamp which she LOVED! (Don't worry, she rode from the swamp over to Jamie and "Dutch's" house in my car in her carseat!)

She even gave the froggy a kiss (it didn't turn into a prince, though....)

And now it is time to announce the winner of our latest giveaway! The winner is entry number 199: TARA!!!!

Congratulations! However, unless I am blind I can't find your e-mail address on your blogger profile. Please e-mail us at to let us know which tutu and size you would like. If we haven't heard from you by Wednesday we will draw another winner.

Thank you all so much for entering! Please feel free to enter our giveaway that is still going on for our Savannah Tank!!!!!

 I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh goodness! I can't take the cuteness!!! I don't blame Jamie and Josh for wanting to steal her away;) Catching frogs, a favorite past time that I enjoy doing now with my kids:) We seem to have tons in our yard!!

  2. Sooo cute! And that frog, it's so tiny!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Your daughter is too cute! Congrats Tara!

  4. She is precious-you always get the best shots! Jamie is gorgeous too:-)

  5. your pictures say a thousand words about the time that you seem to be having!!!! makes me want to leap through the computer and join in on all the fun too!

  6. Ha ha! I totally agree with Jenni! I feel the same way!

  7. your pictures are awesome, she is so beautiful.


  8. LILLIE is sooooooooooo pretty! I LOVE her clothes! Your MOM is going to go crazy with all our orders!!!!Hugs Jenn OHHH ya those pics are awesome!!!!

  9. Lillie is so beautiful! Love all the pics :)

  10. Lillabel is gorgeous!! Love these pictures and I am with Jenni & Prencie- I want to bring Lane & join the party.

  11. Thanks, everyone! Haha - I think that little Lola, Lane and Paris would all have a ball together and be the best of friends. Wish we could get them all together for a tea party!

  12. WOW, your family is not only gorgeous, but you are all so talented. I ADORE the new dress your mom made for Lillie--it is so sweet and looks so comfy. Please keep us updated if she plans to include them on your site...I know my Morgan would LOVE to have one.

    Your photos of Lillie are always so precious.....

    Baton Rouge, LA

  13. Congrats Tara! Lucky you.
    Love the new outfits. but love the cute little model more. ha,ha!
    greetz from Holland.

  14. Where are those adorable leopard shoes from??? Could they possibly be the ones from Target???

  15. Haha - yes, they are indeed the ones from Target!

  16. My daughter has the same ones!!!!!!!!!!!! you think they would go well with a brown dress??? I have a brown dress that she will be wearing for Thanksgiving. But wanted to do something besides just brown flats? What do you think?

  17. Oh and FYI...Payless has almost the same style but in a black and silver leopard print!!! Super cute!!!

  18. Oh - I think they would be adorable with a brown dress, Esme!!!


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