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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Birch Lane

I don't know if you all have heard of the new website, Birch Lane, but if you haven't I thought I would introduce you today. They were kind enough to send us some pieces from their line. We absolutely LOVE the Milford Dishware Set. The dishes are simple but still fun and go with everything. They make great every day dishes but also can be dressed up for a more formal setting as well.

And these Drinking Jars with Handles are so cute. You can even get them monogrammed!

And we also got this beautiful glass pitcher which I used to hold some of the fresh white lilacs during this trip last trip up to NH but I really am looking forward to filling it with lemonade this summer.

Be sure to head on over and check out everything Birch Lane has to offer! They have so much more than just tabletop items. They have furniture, lighting, rugs, bedding any just about anything else you could want for your home.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. I went over to their website and the copper serving tray -- I want it!

  2. I love Birch Lane! Classic with a fresh take on styling! You displayed it beautifully!

  3. I ordered those dishes last year and four chipped within a week of using them! I seriously was super careful with them, too! I ended up selling them locally. They were too expensive to chip so easily. I do love how you photographed them! They are gorgeous.

    1. Sorry to hear that! I think you might be confusing these with some other dishes though. Birch Lane just launched in March, so they weren't available last year.

  4. Oh I am in love with that dinnerware. SO cute.

  5. Love all the lilacs. Down here in Mississippi we cannot grow them!

  6. Jennifer: I should comment more often, but don't because it could get embarrasing, for me.
    Every time I open your blog and scroll through the post/beautiful pictures, I always say,
    "Oh ... ahh ... I just love her style. She is so talented"

    It would get a little redundant, I'm sure...

    (I sure do miss the sweet smell of my New Hampshire lilac bushes. It was all I could do not to dig up the tree my aunt dug out of her yard for me to plant in mine when my husband and I bought our first house. I actually almost really convinced myself that I loved them more than the new owners ever could. As if that could justify my actions! Destiny

  7. Wow, those lilacs are gorgeous! I need some lilacs in my garden. I love those dishes. I have the Emma dinnerware we got for our wedding and love it and I think these dishes would go nicely with them. They remind me a little of the Emma.

  8. Just gorgeous... I love everything you selected and your photos are stunning! I love their products!

  9. Been there, but would love some lilacs!

  10. Very pretty. The lilacs are breathtaking. I'll check out the website.

  11. I loved Birch Lane's website. But I couldn't find the old fashioned soda bottles. Did they come from Birch Lane or somewhere else?


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