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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Little Preview and a New Print

I'm sorry I went so long without posting. Along with a bunch of other things I had to get a new computer and it was quite a bit more of a headache than I anticipated getting all of my programs switched over and getting everything up and running again. I think we are finally all good though! I took a whole bunch of photos yesterday that I hope to go through and get edited so I will have at least one real post up this weekend and another early next week.

In the meantime here are a few images that I've taken this past week:

I've got a whole post coming on the finished touches we added to our kitchen and will have all the source information and details.

We are also excited about our newest print, "You Make My Heart Sing". And we've also restocked all of our Valentine's prints!

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday! And just a little reminder, you can follow along on Instagram and Facebook as well for updates. 

I also wanted to reintroduce our lovely sponsor:
So Much Better with Age is a wonderful blog by Jamie Lundstrom. Her blog is so full of inspiration and I am in love with her home. You have to check it out. 

Here is her gorgeous kitchen:

And I don't know about you all, but I LOVE before and afters and hers are absolutely AMAZING!!! You will love checking them all out:

And my favorite, their beautiful bathroom:
Head on over to her blog to see more. And have a wonderful Thursday! 


  1. new get tired of looking at all your pretty touches! Marcy

  2. It should have said never!! never get tired of seeing your pretty images ... needed to clarify :)

  3. As always, can't wait until the full post! You always do such a beautiful job with your decorating. On a different topic, would you happen to know approx. what is the size of the RH mirror you have in your dinning room? Thanks!

    1. Thank you!!! The mirror is the large size (34").

  4. I have missed your post. Glad you are back!

  5. Hi Lillie! Could you please please share what your countertops are? I love them! We have a grey kitchen and i think those would go perfectly in it. Thank you!!!!

    1. Thank you! Jenni's countertops are honed marble.


  6. What are your countertops and what color?

    1. Hi! You can find all source information here:


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