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Sunday, February 14, 2010

And The Winner Is.......

First, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We had a great day yesterday - William and Mary beat the first place team in our conference, Northeastern, by one! It was a terribly exciting (and very stressful) game and we are now 18-7! So, now we will have a happy hubby/daddy for Valentine's Day - YAY!!!!!! Here are some pictures of Miss Lillabel working on her Valentine's last weekend while we were snowbound:

So, if I can count correctly:
Congratulations to Vittoria!!!!!! Send an e-mail to us at with your size, address and which shirt you would like!
Don't forget to keep checking back, as we always have a giveaway at the beginning of each month and plan on sprinkling in a few unexpected ones as well!


  1. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by and entering my little valentine's giveaway. I'm sorry I missed yours! :( I thought I was already following along with your blog, but I guess not, so I am a follower now. I'll make sure to enter the next one, I LOVE your things!!

    And girl, seriously, could you just come and decorate my house?!? LOVE everything. And I have the same white shabby bedding from target in my guest room and that chandelier is in my little Evelyn's room. Guess we have similar taste, although yours looks so much better, ha! :)

    Looking forward to keeping in touch.


  2. Lillabel is getting sooo big! What a cutie! Miss you! xo.

  3. What a cutie! I have a lily myself!Love that name.


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