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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Dana!!!!

Today was Dana's 25th birthday! Ahhhh - we are all getting so old! Unfortunately, for her, Miss Lillabel has been so sick the past few days and until today Jon had been out of town with recruiting and games so I am behind on EVERYTHING, and didn't get to follow through on a few of the things I wanted to do for her birthday. I didn't have any grand plans or anything, but we really didn't get to do much at all for her except go out for lunch, and then make her a cake. We still had fun, though (or at least Lillie and I did =)....) When it was time for the cake, Lillie definitely want in on the action! To say she loves cake would be an understatement.
Anyway, Happy 25th Birthday, Dana! We love you! 

 We are so happy that you live near us and wish the rest of the fam would move on down here too!

After diving into the chocolate we quickly took her outfit off!

And don't forget to check back tomorrow to enter into our March giveaway

We will be giving away a tutu this month! I hope to get the post up sometime in the morning, but the way the last week or two has been going it may not be until after Lillie goes to bed.


  1. Happy B-day, Dana! Hope you had a great day! Jenni, that cake looks so yummy! Oh, and of course Lillie is such a doll! xo.

  2. Happy birthday!!
    What a lovely pictures. Enjoy!
    Love, Joni

  3. So cute!! What a lovely cake and how nice to have your sister near you! That is a big blessing!

  4. Love how you decorated the cake, that's a cool idea! Happy Birthday to your sister Dana! ~Lili

  5. Love the highchair and the cutie-patootie sitting in it is precious too!

  6. The high chair was Lillie's great-grandfather's when he was a baby!


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