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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Wedding in the Grand Tetons!

One of the things that has been by far the most surprising to me since we started Dear Lillie last summer is the amount of requests for bridesmaids dresses and flower girl tutus. Well, actually it isn't that surprising that we get a lot of requests for flower girl tutus seeing how we sell them, but it continually surprises me how many requests we get for bridesmaids dresses. We don't list any of our dresses in any wedding sections on Etsy and because the only two dress styles we carry right now are a casual cotton jersey fabric I often try to steer brides away from them unless they are having a more casual outdoor wedding. (We actually are hoping to start making our dresses from scratch soon and will then be able to offer them in a much wider array of colors and sizes as well as in more formal fabrics so that we can offer them as more traditional bridesmaids dresses). Anyway, this spring we received an e-mail from an incredibly sweet girl named Chelsea who wanted to order our Adeliene Dress for her bridesmaids. After I explained to her they were pretty casual looking she told me that that was exactly what she was looking for! She then went on to share a little bit of what her wedding was going to be like and I was so excited I wanted to attend - haha! We ended up making her three bridesmaid dresses, two tutus, and a whole bunch of rosettes to use for corsages and boutonnieres. Chelsea was truly one of the most wonderful customers we have ever worked with. She could not possibly have been any more easy-going and was an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way!

This past weekend we received an e-mail from Chelsea thanking us for all of the love that we had put into each piece and she shared with us some of the beautiful photographs from her stunning affair! She was kind enough to let me share them with you all. I have enclosed a part of her e-mail so that you can read about some of the amazing details:

"We had a "camping wedding" weekend. Everyone arrived on Thursday at Colter Bay Village in the Grand Teton National Park and pitched tents with the bride and groom at a huge 100-person group campsite that we affectionately dubbed "Tent Town." (Colter Bay also has rustic homesteader cabins for those who don't want to rough it). We catered the entire weekend ourselves, with the help of family and friends, of course. We had a four-day fun-filled party with lots of BBQs, smore's, hikes, playing in Jackson Lake, and wildlife-watching. We got married on Saturday August 21st on the lake shore.

Some more little details about the wedding: we had a Quaker-style ceremony, where our family and friends were invited to share a story, thought, or blessing with us pertaining to love, marriage, or anything else that was appropriate to the solemnity of the occasion. It was unscripted, organic, and completely moving. We did not have an officiant "marry" us; instead, Dan and I stood before our community as we said our promises to each other and to God. My sister Brittany and I made the programs and, for wedding favors, we made little recipe books filled with delicious recipes that we made throughout the weekend (as we catered the wedding and several other meals throughout the four-day celebration) including almond biscotti, sangria and margaritas, roasted fingerling potatoes, tilapia w/ Dan & Chel's spicy love rub, maple-glazed pork tenderloin w/ red onion relish, haricot verts w/ shallots and tomatoes, and, of course, carrot cake! Instead of a guestbook, Dan's mom and step-father drew a "Wedding Tree" for us and every guest, young and old, stamped their thumbprint on the tree like leaves. Its a beautiful piece of art now! My grandma and Dan's step-mom sewed lace table runners from old lace curtains I found in thrift stores, and we also made lace bunting banners to run the perimeter of the tents. All of the ladies at the wedding wore adorable vintage hats to set the vibe for the affair! It was very chic! We also had a photo booth and face painting for kids (and adults, as it turned out!). It was SUCH a spectacular celebration! Our dear friend, Marni Mattner ( photographed the entire weekend, and did a spectacular job!"

And here are some of the gorgeous photos that Marni took:


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lassen! 


  1. Congrats to Mr.a nd Mrs. Lassen!

    Their wedding looks beautiful! This is a wedding I'd love to attend, 4-days of celebration! =]

  2. I am in LOVE with these pics and everything about this wedding! It looks magical!!!!!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! OMGOSH! That one picture of the couple and the lake with the sun streaming down the middle of the mountains!! Breathtaking! All of these pics are!!! And the bridal party looks fabulous in their Dear Lillie!!

  4. wow. gorgeous wedding. wyoming is such a beautiful place. i love the bridemaids dresses. i'd love to have it just to wear around! heehee!

  5. As I viewed these photos, I just kept saying to myself, "Wow". Thanks for sharing these beautiful images. Fun eye candy!
    Warmly, Michelle

  6. Oh wow, this is such a dream wedding! Everyone looks absolutely stunning against the dramatic backdrop of the Tetons. Gorgeous!

  7. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    Would love a onesie for my last little one :(


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