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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Opinions Wanted and the Winner of the Tutu Is...

Thank you for all being so patient! I am so sorry this is a day late. It has been a LONG day here. We have had so much fun, though. Will post more on that later. For now, I want to quickly share the winner of the tutu and get your opinion on a new color option for the Fairyland Thermals.

I have a few designs I am working on and will probably post those soon to get some opinions but I am not quite done with them yet. For now, I want to ask you all which color option you like better for a second colorway for the Fairyland Thermals (both for Children and Adults). I'd like to do something a little darker for the second option. I am torn over whether to print on black shirts or gray, though. I can get the black so that it would be matching for Children and Adults but the gray would be different. For Women it would be kind of a granite color and for Children it would be a Gray Heather color.

Here is the black. I was thinking it would be nice with either the same gray ribbon we currently use on the white thermals or maybe offer it also with a pink ribbon and for Christmas a red ribbon.

Here is the gray. I was thinking it would be nice with either the same gray ribbon or a white ribbon.

And I was thinking of maybe doing a pink thermal for kids!

And now for the winner:

Congratulations to Ashley!!!!!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! We will be hosting another giveaway as soon as I have time to post again! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And let me know your preference: black or gray?


  1. I like the black better. All of them are precious though!

  2. Jenni, they are all beautiful but i prefer the grey or pink:) I would really love it if you could do a shirt in 100% cotton, not a huge fan of synthetics (polyester):( Can't wait to see what you decide.


  3. I like the grey idea with a white ribbon

  4. Mommybug - many of the shirts we already carry are 100% cotton and some of the ones we carry are even 100% organic cotton! The thermal shirts are a blend because all of the places we get our shirts from (Bella, Alternative Apparel and American Apparel) only carry thermal blends. We try to use 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton whenever we can but sometimes the styles that we like the fit of best (like these thermals) we don't have much choice.

  5. Black and White!!! It would be so cute with a red ribbon.

  6. All the color choices are great. But I'm with Traveling Thrifter, the grey with white ribbon would look fantastic!

  7. I love the black & you can never go wrong with black! I also like the pink for the little girls. They are all very pretty.

  8. I would really love the grey combo with white ribbon! And the pink for little girls would be too cute!


  9. I think the gray would be beautiful!

  10. I love the black! Great seeing you this weekend! xo.

  11. I would love the shirt in black


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