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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Fairyland Thermal for Kids and Some Other Stuff!

Wow, it was a LONG weekend. After having a few days last week of feeling a better I got sooo sick on Thursday. I had pretty bad morning sickness with Lillie but don't remember it ever being this bad. I couldn't even get out of bed for 3 of the last 5 days. I got on a new prescription, though, today and it has helped. I still feel really nauseous but I actually have been able to run some errands and get some things done today which is such a relief. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we finally have some of our best sellers back in stock in a full range of sizes and a couple of new styles.

We now have the Fairyland Silhouette Print available on a thermal long sleeve for kids!
I have sizes 2 through 12 available! I only have a few of each, though.

Lillie didn't exactly cooperate for photos again today. I put her hair up in a ponytail and it looked so cute but before I could get my camera she tried to yank it out and so ended up with a big poof on top of her head. Oh well, haha!

We also now have the short sleeve version available in smaller sizes again!

And we have the Vintage Crown Thermal Back in all sizes!
(Available from a Small  to XXLarge!)

And we have the Mary Poppins Tunic available again in all sizes!
(Available from a Small  to XLarge!)

And we also have the Mary Poppins Print on a long sleeve Thermal!
(Available from a Small  to XXLarge!)

I FINALLY took some pictures of Lillie's bedroom with the new gray paint and her big girl bed this afternoon so I will try to post those either tomorrow or Thursday. It isn't completely done but I will show you what we have done so far.

Also, we will be closing our Etsy shop on Thursday night for about 5 days or so,
so if there is anything you have been wanting be sure to snatch it up before then.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and don't forget to scroll down and enter our tutu giveaway! There are still a few days left to enter!


  1. Has anyone ever told you that your daughter has BEAUTIFUL eyes?! You and your husband eyes must look lovely too!

    Just Better Together

  2. AWWW! Prayers for you to start feeling better! I had it the whole time with all four. It is soooooooo hard. HUGS and Lillie is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. shes so pretty with those pouty lips. feel better soon!!!!!

  4. OH MY!! I love that Mary Poppins shirt!!! Off to check it out!! So pretty!

  5. Oh funny, I thought the poof was supposed to be there on Lillie:) She's so cute no matter what! Feel better soon!!!!!


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