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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dana's Birthday Party and a Visit from Jamie and "Dutch"

 This will be just a quick post with a few pictures from a little party we had for my sister, Dana, on Friday. I had a bunch of more elaborate decorating plans but that all went out the window. As I mentioned earlier we had something unexpected come up on Monday night and so it was a really hectic week. (I will tell you all about it in tomorrow's post). 

My sister, Jamie, and her husband "Dutch" got here late Tuesday night and stayed through yesterday morning. (His name is Josh, but this past summer when Lillie was learning to talk it came out "Dutch" and somehow it stuck and now we all find ourselves calling him that. I am not sure if he appreciates it but he's a good sport.) We had so many other things going on that it wasn't until I put Lillie down for her nap on Friday afternoon that I started working on decorating for Dana's party. Seeing how it was just going to be dessert with us sisters, Lillie, Josh and our cousin, Tamara I knew no one really cared but I had had all of these ideas in my head for something really elegant. I had planned on doing a whole Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's Party so I went with that idea but just pared it WAY down. When you only have two hours you pretty much just throw together what you have. I had already drawn an Audrey image based off of two of my favorite images of her so I just had to click print and frame it in one of the dollar store frames from our Valentine's project. I also cut two vinyl versions of the image to place on the mirror above the mantel and on the water pitcher. Then using some pearls and Tiffany's boxes and tulips from Trader Joe's I just made three small vignettes in our living room. One on the mantel, one on our coffee table and one on the mirrored chest. That was all I had time for, in fact, Lillie woke up while I was working on the mantel so I never really got to finish it. We still had a wonderful time going out to dinner and then having cake and cupcakes afterwards (yes, we all ate a piece of the cake and then had a cupcake too - we are major chocoholics!)

Anyway, here are a few photos of the little bit of decorating that actually got done =( :

I am seriously addicted to my Silhouette Machine! I peeled the Valentine's image off of the pitcher that I did a couple of weeks ago and replaced it with this one:

I quickly screenprinted this pillow during Lillie nap to go with the theme and put on the sofa but didn't end up having time to actually sew it - whoops! Am hoping I will have time later tonight though so that Dana can actually use it. I screenprinted several more yesterday and as long as I have time to sew them either during Lillie's nap or once she is in bed tonight I will list them in the shop when we reopen tomorrow. I also have a few totes with this image that are finished and will definitely be in our shop tomorrow. I am also hoping to have three or four Je T'aime pillows ready and hopefully a couple of Je T'aime totes as well. I am working on two other pillows too,  but haven't gotten the scripts quite right yet. I keep playing around with the swirls but can't get them how I want them.

Lillie seems to think that every birthday is hers too! 
Happy 26th Birthday, Auntie Dana. We love you!

And here is Lillie with Auntie Jamie and Uncle "Dutch" before we left for our basketball game on Saturday at Old Dominion (that's why Lillie is in her little cheerleading outfit).
We already miss you guys and can't wait for you to come down and visit again!!! Lillie is already suffering from withdrawels.

Well, that is it for now.
Be sure to check back tomorrow as we will be announcing the winner of our latest giveaway!

Happy Monday!


  1. Such a cute idea for a birthday party! Hopefully those Tiffany boxes were full for her ;) My daughter does the same thing when it comes to birthday's, she sees cake and says "happy birthday to Laila" ha!

  2. Beautiful !! My 3 year old daughter does the same thing, thinks every birthday is hers, if there is Have a Great Week !!

  3. Gorgeous decor! I have a cricut machine and soem of the vinyl but never used them... I need to jump on that!! Seriously adorable!

  4. Everything of course was gorgeous for Dana's B-day party. The Pictures turned out really good with all the natural light. I had so much fun seeing you guys! Love ya!

  5. So lovely and classy! I love Audrey Hepburn! My husband and I had a get away sans enfants to San Francisco and we got some pastries the morning we arrived on the train and ate in the square with Tiffany's behind us- the whole thing tickled me!

  6. I am a happy new follower! So pretty... And your daughter is adorable!

  7. Hi Jennifer...Lulu posted about you today, and here I thought it would be a new link - but I have been here before....

    you are so talented (Lulu was so right on!) and am now a follower - your images are so pretty I think - a casual elegance - I love that!

    Anne Marie

  8. G'day~Nice to meet you! I'm over from DustyLu Lulu's congrats on winning how fun!

    I think I might need a Silhouette myself.Looks very fun! What a fabulous Birthday! Happy Birthday Auntie Jamie.

    We also have an Auntie Jamie, they are very special.I have 3 daughters and my oldest is a Jamie.~Cheers Kim

  9. You are simply amazing, Jennifer!
    So much talent in one pretty package. :-)

    Big hugs,

  10. Missing my Lillabel today! xoxo

  11. I've just become one of your newest followers and I SO look forward to going through your archives as I'm LOVING what I see!

  12. Now see.....I would call that elaborate decorating. Your blog is so pretty and photos are unreal! Keep up the good work! Love, Me

  13. What a wonderful party, and you did such a nice job with so little time, amazing really! I love the Audrey image!

    Kat :)

  14. you know how to throw such a beautiful party! Your pictures are always so amazing.

  15. What a lovely party! I admire all of your talent, creativity and energy! Your photos are always gorgeous.

  16. The party decor looks fabulous! Great photos!


  17. I am a new reader - and totally inspired by your blog! Do you have a source for the beautiful silver urns on your mantle? Are they vintage or available to purchase somewhere. I have been looking for something like that for sometime! Thanks!

  18. I got them at a place called Seasons in Williamsburg. They were the only set though and it was about a year and a half ago - sorry!

  19. Where did you get the silver two-tiered stand? I LOVE it! Your blog is so great. Thanks! :)

  20. Jennifer- I am loving this decor idea for my daughter's senior said you were going to do this on a slightly grander scale but things came up. Would you mind sharing some other ideas with me? Thanks!

  21. Jenn - haha it's been so long I can't even remember half of my ideas! I think my brain never recovered from the last pregnancy :)

    I do think we had planned on doing some more pom poms, and I know I had wanted to use Audrey's silhouette a lot more.

  22. Jenni,
    I just love all the creativity you have. This is a gorgeous party. We love Audrey too!

    Debbie--Party Patisserie


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