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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lillabel's Room (DURING) and Valentine's Shirt SALE

These are not the before or after shots - these are the during shots! On Friday night with my parent's help we switched around a bunch of stuff between Lillie's room and the guest bedroom. As of a few months ago we thought we had the room situation all figured out. We moved Lillie from her crib to a full sized bed thinking when we had guests they could just sleep in her room and then we were going to keep one of the twin beds in the guest bedroom and put the other one in storage for a while and replace it with the crib once it got a little closer to my due date. We have family visit quite often so we figured this would still allow us to sleep three guests even though we wouldn't officially have a guest bedroom anymore. Well, a month or so ago Lillie decided she was petrified of her bed (after sleeping in in wonderfully for almost three months) and bedtime became a nightmare. I won't bore you all with the details but it took us a over a month to figure out it was the bed she was scared of. Anyway, we decided to move the twin beds into her room and that has worked like a charm! She has slept wonderfully the last few nights - what a relief! As a mom, I am thrilled about this, but the designer in me is now trying to scramble and figure out a whole new plan for our nursery - squishing a full sized bed AND a crib along with a dresser, chair and end table into the other room which is rather small is going to be quite the design challenge, especially because I already had that room designed in my head and that is out the window now - I will save that for another post though (I think we finally have the layout figured out but we haven't set up the crib yet so we will see if it actually works)! Anyway, the good news is we played around with her room and found a layout that was able to fit everything in and gives her way more room to play than before, and we now can sleep four guests instead of three!

Because we switched beds and even a dresser and changed the whole layout of her room I now have several bare walls that I need to address and I want to play around with the bedding a little bit before this room will be finished. I have figured out what I am going to do with the bare walls and am planning on working on those projects this weekend and I also plan on making some new pillows for the beds that have pink and gray in them to add some pop. I liked the all white on the beds when they were in the guest bedroom because they were in front of some wallpaper, but they are looking pretty boring to me in here.

I actually had planned on doing the ottoman tutorial post today but I didn't finish it until late last night so I couldn't take the finished shots without natural light. I will take those later today and try to do that post either tomorrow or Friday! Then I was planning on doing the post with Lillie's room once I had done all of the projects for it and it had a more finished look but seeing how I can't do the tutorial post without photos of the finished product and I had taken a few shots of Lillie's room today so I could show one of my sister's the new layout I figured I might as well just do a quick "during" post for now! These aren't very good shots either - I didn't feel like going downstairs and switching lenses seeing how when I took these I wasn't planning on doing a blog post - was just planning on e-mailing them to my sister. Now I am wishing I wasn't so lazy!

You can't see it in these shots but the other twin bed is on the other side of the window seat area, and now there is so much more room for her to play both between the beds and in the area between the foot of the beds and the closet. Will try to get shots of that next time!

I picked up a bolster insert for each bed and some fabric and trim yesterday and can't wait to get started on some pillows! Once I make them the doll will go in her window seat but for now at least it helps make the bed look not quite so terribly boring.

Hopefully I will have some better photos after the weekend! And check back either tomorrow or Friday for a ottoman slipcover tutorial.

Although I can't show you the other projects I am planning on doing for Lillie's room because they are in my head I can show you one thing I want to add to her room for Valentine's Day. Melanie over at Pretties and Posies just did a tutorial for a gorgeous carnation Valentine. Her blog has always been one of my favorites (I did a feature on it back in July) and her last two posts with beautiful Valentine's ideas are gorgeous! I have never been a fan of carnations but after seeing this I have to change my mind! Here are two photos by Melanie of her beautiful carnation heart:

Oh and our children's Valentine's shirts and onesies with this print are on SALE now in our shop!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Such a beautiful room! I admire your blog and your taste! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow! Beautiful!!! I wish I was a little girl again so I could have that room! :)

  3. Very lucky little dreamy.


  4. so cute! I found some cute white twin beds and I'm trying to convince my hubby that its time to get them and redo the girls room. He thinks it's fine the way it is now, LOL! and Halle & Ella have that very same pink kitchen set! Picked it up at Costco a couple years ago for $150..but ours has the drawer under the oven...packed full of matching pink pots and pans! Best investment EVER! They play with it every single day!

  5. I love her sweet room. Where did you get the little desk/table? I'm looking for something like that for my daughter, and that is just precious.

  6. What a gorgeous room!! You are so talented! : )
    I've been looking for a chandelier for my daughter's room and would love to find one like Lillie's. Any suggestions where to look?

    Can't wait to see your nursery! I love reading your blog.

  7. I adore the wings on the old chippy chair!
    How adorable!

  8. That is truly *the* most gorgeous little girl's room!! So pretty!! And is Lillie's real name Lillabel? I just named one of the rings in my shop the Lillabel! LOL!

    Happy Wednesday!


  9. Beautiful! So beautiful! Love the angel wings on the shabby chair and that doll - would love information on where that doll came from!

  10. Her room is GOGRGEOUS Jennifer:) Perfect for any little girl! LOVE it!! Also, I love the new tutu pictured below. The color is divine!!! Hope your feeling well and rested!


  11. What an adorable room! I know you must be so proud of it--you ought to be!

    I've been meaning to stop by and say hello to you forever. I've actually met you before. I live right next door to your aunt and uncle in Durham, NC. My oldest son is one of Robert's friends (Will the guitar player from Emphasis). Patty is one of my dearest friends. I've visited you here a number of times, and your blog is just exactly what I would have expected from someone as talented as you!

    I hope to get to say "hi" in person sometime when you're in town. :)

  12. What an adorable room. I love pink and white together. I've been wanting to redo my daughter's room, but so far most of what has been done is just all the ideas in my head. Hope you're doing well ♥

  13. Lillie's room is adorable and so so sweet. I love that it's so feminine with the white and soft pink. The angel wings are a fun touch. The chandelier is beautiful. You've done a lovely job!

  14. Lillie's room looks beautiful and dreamy; I hope she continues to like it! You are such a busy lady! ;)


  15. Looks really good! Can't wait to see it in real life--we might have some room now to dance around to Taylor Swift in there! :)

    Melanie (comment #6), Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen, Restoration Hardware Baby&Child, Land of Nod, and Shades of Light are some places you might look, but I'm sure Jenni has more ideas!


  16. Hana - I love that little kitchen set - I think even more than Lillie - haha! I always had wanted to get the Pottery Barn one and had planned on getting it for her for her 2nd birthday. Well, when I went online to order it I about had a heart attack - it was sooooooo expensive! We got this one at Target when they were having a sale for $149 - I was so excited! I have to admit though it was a pain in the behind to put together!

    Jenny - the desk and chair were finds at an antique shop in NH called White Home Market (or maybe White Home Collection - now I can't remember) We just discovered it this summer and I think between my mom, sisters and I we have made at least ten trips there since. They have the best stuff and most of the prices are really great! The desk was actually a little side table and I had my dad cut the legs down. The chair was at the same antique shop but in a different section.

    Melanie - Jamie recommended all the places I was going to! Thanks Jamie-Lou!

    Heather - Lillabel is her nickname. It is what I wanted to name her but it was a bit too weird for my husband =) we compromised on Lillian Annabel so I could call her Lillabel and he could call her Lillie =). In the end both he and I use both nicknames and so does most of our family.

  17. I can't wait to see!

    Just Better Together
    come check out my giveaway

  18. omg it's beautiful! and although i don't find it boring AT ALL, i'm looking forward to what you do even further.

    i recently madeover my little guys room and posted about it... i'd love for you to take a look. :)


    p.s. love the story of her name and nicknames!

  19. What a precious, magical space!!!!
    LOVE it!!!


  20. Any chance you can share the paint color and brand of the dark color on Lillie's walls? I know it's hard to see the exact color thorough a monitor but I love it!

  21. It is London Fog by Benjamin Moore. It's actually a very pale gray color but her room only has one small window so it looks darker. A slightly darker gray that I used in our bathroom and LOVE is called Stormy Monday by Benjamin Moore.

  22. Hi! I absolutely love this room. I saw the picture on Pinterest of the shelf with the dress and fur jacket and just love all the colors. It has inspired me to decorate my nursery very similar. Would you mind telling me where you got this off-white shelf? As well as where you got the dress and coat? I appreciate it!

  23. Hi! I absolutely love this room. I saw the picture on Pinterest of the shelf with the dress and fur jacket and just love all the colors. It has inspired me to decorate my nursery very similar. Would you mind telling me where you got this off-white shelf? As well as where you got the dress and coat? I appreciate it!

  24. Hi! I absolutely love this room. I saw the picture on Pinterest of the shelf with the dress and fur jacket and just love all the colors. It has inspired me to decorate my nursery very similar. Would you mind telling me where you got this off-white shelf? As well as where you got the dress and coat? I appreciate it!

    1. Thank you! The shelf is from Target and the dress was from a store on Etsy that has gone out of business. The coat was a gift from my mom - I think it was from a little store in New Hampshire but I am not certain.


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