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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Druke's Mantel

We are currently working on two projects to finish off Jamie and Josh's Great Room (both of which we will have tutorials for), but in the meantime I thought I would show you the mantel Jamie just finished in there (except for the moss balls on the right - she is planning on adding more of those as soon as she has some time to finish making them). I think she did a fabulous job. I am so jealous of her mirror! It is one of my favorite pieces in her home. I am hoping we will be able to finish the projects for the rest of the room today so we can photograph the whole room on Thursday and post it Friday but we shall see.

And here is my little munchkin after chowing down on one of Jamie's S'more cookies the other day. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Jennifer, I love the way the mantel is styled and that is a great mirror. Did y'all make it? Lillie is too cute covered in chocolate!

  2. What a sweet pee face!! ok, now, back to the mantle!! Looks fab and pretty in a manly kind of way!! The perfect balance!

  3. I love it! Fresh, sophisticated and comfortable. . .all at the same time. Lovely!

  4. I know why you want the mirror. Love it!!
    And the pic of Lillie, adorable. I think she is saying "Got Milk!" LOL!

  5. it's beautiful!! love the sconces!

    lillie is precious!!


  6. Beautiful! Oh to have such a wonderful centerpiece of a room! Marissa

  7. I adore that mirror and the entire mantel is gorgeous. You are so blessed to have a sister(s) that you can share your passion of home decor with! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog the other day. I love your style, so your opinion was invaluable! Have a great day!

  8. It looks gorgeous! Do you happen to know what the paint color is on the walls? I love it!


  9. mantel looks lovely. Traditional, textural and organic and so pleasing to look at.
    That little munchkin of yours is too adoreable with s'mores all over her face.

  10. Lillis is a little doll all covered in chocolate! The mantle looks beautiful. Love all of the natural textures with the crisp white mantle.

  11. the mantel looks beautiful, I love it! That mirror is gorgeous, i am jealous too! :)


  12. this is really beautiful!

  13. Loving the mantel so far, friend! And her face...oh my goodness. Priceless! (:

  14. Bonjour!
    That last pic is classic! She's adorable!
    Very beautiful blog. Such lovely photos too!
    Looking forward to your future posts.
    Check us out!
    Talk to you soon..

    -Jessica & Holly

  15. Love the mantel!!!!! So pretty. The wicker cachepots are my fave. I'd love to find some like that.

    We actually made those cookies when Jamie posted them a few weeks ago. They were so good (but so sweet too). I meant to post about them too. Maybe in a few days.

  16. Love the combination of textures on the mantel. Very warm and inviting. and that pic of Lillie is priceless!

  17. Now that would be a tasty little face for a Mama to smooch! Delightful.

    The mantle is rich in texture and great design. I love the color palate! The limited use of color and the gorgeous hues makes this striking!
    I have taken away some beautiful ideas!

  18. I couldn't concentrate on your lovely post after seeing your little Lillie's beautiful chocolate-covered face in the last pic!

    She is unbelievably cute.

  19. Haha the feather in the first picture was a quick out-of-Lillie's-reach fix when she was mangling it the other day...glad that you moved it!

    Rachel - the paint color is Sparrow by Benjamin Moore, from their Affinity collection. It can look gray, greenish, or brown, depending on the lighting. I love it.


  20. The mantel is beautiful! Lillie is adorable....
    I love your blog and am now a follower. Please feel free to visit my blog at

  21. I love the way you decorate, and I was wondering if you did home decor consultations. We just brought an older home that needs a little bit of love and I think it could be beautiful. I was wondering if I couple email you some questions.

  22. Very nice - I love that mirror too! Lillie is just so beautiful!

  23. I love that mirror too, and the whole mantel! And Lillie looks like she thoroughly enjoyed that cookie...that picture made me smile!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Kat :)

  24. Could you tell us where you got the mirror? I LOVE IT.

    1. I think my sister got it at an antique shop called The Red Chair or something to that effect in Peterborough, NH. It is no longer there, though. =(

  25. Do you know where the sconces over the mantle are from? The size is perfect for a mantle.


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