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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Final Good-Bye to Moose Mountain

The past two years I have done a "Good-Bye Moose Mountain" post.  Last year the post contained all of my favorite shots from our summer in New Hampshire. The year before it did as well. This year, though, I did not take nearly as many photos while we were up there. I am so sad that I didn't, but now that we are chasing around two little rascals and with a bunch of other things going on it is quite a bit harder to take photos than when we just had one little munchkin to keep an eye on. So, this year, I don't have a post full of all my favorite "pretty" photos from different blog posts. This year it's just a collection of rather random blurry candid shots (there's a one or two, like the one above that I do like) but it's all I have and I wanted to do a post this year because it was our last official summer on Moose Mountain seeing how my parents are in the process of moving.

I am so grateful to my mom and dad, and this year also Jamie and Josh for letting us live with them for a month. The girls and I had so much fun and appreciate all that you guys do! We love you so much and miss you terribly!

 Lola and Lillie with Mimi

 Lola "helping" Papa on the tractor.

Jamie and Josh took Lillie fishing for the first time. She was so excited and caught THREE fish! (Thanks Ryan and Jamie who took these two shots).

  Jamie and Lillie playing with the old-school disposable camera my mom found while packing. Lillie seemed a little confused at first when she couldn't see the picture immediately after taking it - haha!

  Lola didn't want to get her hands messy while eating her donut!

Mimi and Lola

 Lillie and Dana at the farm stand

 Snuggling with Papa

 Lillie took quite the tumble the day we went blueberry picking in the rain.

Lola, Jamie and Lillie

 I can't believe I am going to give Jason a compliment....especially seeing how he's working on a post himself right now and we know those never contain any nice things about me...haha, but I have to say he was extremely helpful with both the tree swing photos and the baseball field photos. For the swing ones he pushed Lillie over and over and kept Lola out of harms way...most of the time. =)

Good-Bye Moose Mountain! 
Thank you for so many years filled with more beautiful memories than we can count. 
We will miss you dearly.


  1. What a beautiful post! I'm certain, though, that your wonderful family will make many beautiful memories, no matter the location.


  2. There's nothing like Family! Wonderful pictures. I can see alot of love there.

  3. Awwww, love this sweet, sentimental post, Jenni! Your photos are gorgeous and tug at the heartstrings...especially the last one. What treasured memories you've captured for your family.

  4. Aw this is so tender....what nice memories and the photos will bring them back to the girls as they get older.

  5. such sweet photos and memories! I can see why you'll miss it there so much =)

  6. Oh wow, that is so touching, it gave me a lump in my throat. Some places, like Moose Mountain, somehow become a part of our DNA because we have lived so much life in that space... It's just so sad to say goodbye, and that's all there is to it...


  7. We do not remember days... we remember moments.... beautiful sweet memories you will keep in your hearts forever. I dream of a family like yours. Thank you for sharing this magical place with all of us. Happy Sunday. Enjoy!
    PS- Jason is going to make an amazing daddy one day.

  8. Such beautiful photos, Jen!
    Lola and the donut...priceless!!!


  9. I am very emotional today. Life passes by so quickly! Hold the memories in your heart and keep them there always! Best wishes for many new memories, just as special, for you and your family in the future!

  10. A beautiful post Jennifer. You all have created such wonderful, special and meaningful memories together on Moose Mountain. Memories that you will all treasure. Your family photos are beautiful. You have a lovely family. It's so sweet to see the close bond you all have.

  11. Such a dear post Jenni. It makes me sad, but then I think of all the wonderful memories yet to be made at your parents new beautiful home!
    Hope to see you and the girls in October!

  12. Beautiful post. Those memories are pictures will be treasured forever.
    Is Moose Mountain still staying in your family?

  13. Seeing that last picture made me so sad... :( So many memories. But new ones will be made in the new house... :)


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