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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday To You Chalkboard and Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

I designed this chalkboard last week for Jon's birthday. For this one I just simply wrote "Happy Birthday to You".  We are going to have several items with this printed on them. Two which are available now (the large download and 8 by 10 prints) and three more (gift tags, greeting cards, and the 11 by 14 print) that will be hopefully be available later this week but if not then early next week..  

Today, we have the large 24" by 36" download  available in our shop.


Here is a closeup of this printed as an engineering print from Staples:

I had a hard time not eating this piece of cake while I was taking the photos.

And we also now have the 8 by 10 prints available:

 I also wanted to let you know that, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll, a new digital magazine for iPads is now available:
 It is a visual treat and the 206 pages are loaded with absolutely gorgeous photos and so many beautiful ideas from some extremely talented women.  You can read more about the amazing Jennifer Carroll here. We were honored to have our lemonade stand featured in it:



A little bit of info: 

This magazine is 206 pages in length and is available digitally for the iPad in the Apple Store for $5.99 for a single issue, $12 for a 6 month subscription (which is 3 issues), or $22 for a 12 month subscription (which is 6 issues). The 12 month subscription brings the price per issue down to $3.67 each which is obviously the best value!

At this time they only offer iPad versions and a "Collector's Edition" print version. Online ordering for the print edition will be available a little later this week. The price for the print version is $44.99 each. 

They are working on getting a web-based version up ASAP for non iPad users and an Android version is in the works for other tablets (like the Nook, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, etc...) and they hope to be offering this by the time of their July/August release.
I hope you all have a blessed Wednesday! 


  1. The happy birthday collection is perfect! I can't wait to for the gift tags. Will the cake be available too? LoL! Congratulations on your much deserved feature.

  2. your new chairs look s nice between the mirrored chest.

    that dessert looks yummy!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the news about the new magazine Jenni! I'm so excited to include you in this premiere issue!!

    Also, these birthday signs are beautiful - just like all your other wonderful designs!! Thanks for creating more inspiration for us all to enjoy!!

    Hugs, Jennifer

  4. I do so love this! Wish sometime you would make a small one that says "No Soliciting". I want to put it near my front door.

  5. Aww.....I wish you would have this sooner. Tomorrow is my sons birthday!

  6. Love this!!! Do you mind sharing where you got the houndstooth wrapping paper from? Everything looks beautiful as always!

    1. Thanks! I got it at either TJMaxx or Home Goods. I purchased that and a striped one in the same colors a couple weeks ago and got one at one place and the other at the other and now can't remember which was which. =)

  7. Beautiful job as always! For several months I thought I was a follower of Dear Lillie, but I wasn't, until today. Your latest follower ( for real now, not just in my head)...Judith

  8. This is perfect! I think a whole collection of general phrases would be a great idea!

    Speaking of that, do you have any plans for a graduation themed print? I'm throwing my daughter's class a kindergarten graduation party in mid-June and would love to use one of your 24x36 prints for the backdrop! :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa! We have a ton of different chalkboards in the works - unfortunately each one takes quite a bit of time but our plan is to release two to four each month! I am hoping to get a graduation one done before it's too late this season but it may have to wait until next year.


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