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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Bits of Christmas from Moose Mountain

While Jon was out on the road recruiting last week the girls and I went to New Hampshire for a few days. It was a relatively quick trip with lots of snow so we didn't do a whole lot and I didn't take very many pictures but I did shoot a few of the little Christmas vignettes at my parent's house. I wish I had taken some more but at least this is better than nothing. I think my mom did a beautiful job in all the rooms, but my favorite was in the guest bedroom. I LOVED the way she had the little stockings hanging on the dresser. 

As usual I am writing this in the wee hours of the morning and I really need to get to bed so I am just going to share the pictures:

My mom and Lillie love reading (and singing!)  "The Twelve Days of Christmas" together so these little turtledoves from Savvy are special. 

Some little ornaments that the girls painted with their Mimi. 

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I hope  you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

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  1. Hi Jennifer, I've just spent the last hour catching up! So much wonderful inspiration. I adore your new home and all you have done! It sooooo looks like you. Gorgeous! Your girls are adorable. LOVE the picture of the little one looking upside down.PRECIOUS!

  2. Those sweet simple stockings are so cute - are they made of felt?? (The heavier-weight wool felt is what they look like...curious, because I really want to sew some like that!)
    Thanks, Jenni, and Happiest of Holidays to you and your family!
    Leah: )

    1. Thank you, Leah! And I am not sure - I would guess they were made of some kind of wool, though. She purchased them at a little shop in Wilton, NH.

  3. I love her house so much! those small stockings are adorable and I love her bird prints too!

  4. Beautiful photos! I especially love the bird prints, the mirror and the hand painted ornaments :) Merry Christmas!

  5. Love the antique touches she has - particularly that sampler. It's beautiful. Skinny stockings are precious!

  6. it was so nice, and peaceful, thank you for showing us the pretties.

  7. Beautiful! I love all her pretty touches. I was going to ask you where to buy those round bird pictures. Then I saw the close up and realized they are the same as some large ones I have in my living room lol. They are so great in the round frames.

  8. Your Mom's house is beautiful! You all have exquisite taste in your family. Those stockings are so pretty hanging on the dresser. I love Lillie and Lola's handmade ornaments! How sweet and special those are. I always loved when my Mom hung our ornaments that my sister and I made when we were little. Enjoy your weekend Jennifer!

  9. prettty! I enjoy your family's style, and your mom is very talented. I have burlap jingle bell stockings hanging from dressers in my shop and love the simple look.


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