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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Guest Bedroom

Now that a lot of the bigger projects downstairs have been tackled, it's time to get back to work upstairs. We made over Lillie and Lola's room shortly after we moved in so they would be comfortable but other than that we didn't do anything upstairs for the first couple of months. Once I finished painting the hallway and stairs downstairs though I continued on with the staircase and moved right on up to the hallway upstairs. That's been done for a while now. I'm just waiting on replacing the light fixture and then I will attempt to photograph it. (There's zero natural light in the upstairs hallway so the pictures probably won't be that great but in real life it's so nice having all the old wallpaper down and the trim painted white and to have the walls freshly painted). After we finished up the hallway it was time to attack one of the three remaining bedrooms. We've had family from both sides just about every week since September so I decided to start with the room that most of them stayed in so that they would start feeling a little more welcome! The room was a tad depressing to start with. =) 

This technically isn't a true "before" shot as this was after the wallpaper was removed. I can't find any good before shots that really show the wallpaper that well though. But other than the fact that this was after the wallpaper was removed this was how the room looked for the first several months we lived here. And the room is definitely not finished but we are finally far enough along to take some progress shots!

The first thing we did was prime and paint the trim. Our friend Kyla came over one night to take a break from studying and helped me prime the trimwork and the next day Lillie helped me prime the walls. Then once that was done I got it all painted. I painted the trim first and then  I painted the walls but it just wasn't the look I was hoping for so I ended up having the beadboard wallpaper we used downstairs in the dining room and entryway put up on all four walls to add a little character and to help hide how not so attractive the walls were underneath.

We already had the full-sized mattress and box spring from Lola's nursery in our last house but we didn't have a proper bed frame. I fell in love with this bed from Pottery Barn but it was hard to justify spending that much (well over $1700 when you included shipping) for a guest bedroom so I kept on hunting. I found a few other beds I loved that were a little bit cheaper than that one but still pretty pricey. Then I found this bed on Overstock for about $249 including shipping and decided it was worth a try seeing how the price was so great. I was a little nervous because the reviews said it was hard to put together and I have to say it was a pain to get together but I was able to do it with four little helpers (all who were kids) so it even though it was time consuming it probably would have been a good bit easier with two adults. We already had the coverlet, throws and pillows but I did go ahead and get a new bedskirt and some new white shams. We used the same curtain rods and drapery panels that we have used throughout the house. At some point down the road I'd like to add some drapery panels that have a bit more interest and move these to one of the other bedrooms but for now they are fine.

All the other furniture in here were things we already owned (the mirrored dresser and both nightstands).

The boxwood wreath and amaryllis are both from Savvy.

These were my ice skates when I was little. I got the ornaments several years ago at Target.

The wreath and ribbon are from Savvy.

The pillow is from Lulu and Georgia, and both the plaid and sheepskin throws are from IKEA.

Lola was my helper as usual while I took these shots and I had to crop her out of some of the photos. =)

I played around with the pillows a bunch in here while I was taking pictures trying to decide what to do which is why some of the photos have one gray pillow in front and the other photos have another one. In fact, I will share in another post some red pillow that I tried out in here.

My next big purchase in here is going to be a large rug. I am torn between going fun and graphic with this one or being safe and going with a simple sisal or jute rug. I haven't decided for sure yet, but I am leaning towards going with the safe option that way I can switch up colors and patterns with pillows and accessories in here seasonally. I also am probably going to switch up the side tables a bit. That's just what I had around the house that we weren't using and they are fine for now but I will probably at least paint them or possibly switch one or both of them out. I also plan on putting a desk and probably a wingback chair on the wall that you don't see in any of these pictures (the one opposite the bed).


Source List:

Trim Color - Simply White in Semi-gloss Finish
Door Color - Mopboard Black in Semi-gloss Finish
Beadboard Wallpaper - Allen and Roth from Lowe's
Bed - Overstock (I still need to reupholster the headboard but I have it nice and hidden in these pics)
Coverlet - Have had for a long time not sure where it was originally purchased
Bed Skirt and Shams - Country Curtains
Dresser - Haynes Furniture in VA about five years ago
Nightstands - one was purchased at a consignment shop when I was in college the other was from Target about 7 years ago. 
Urn - have had for years
Lamp - by Aidan Gray (purchased for 75% off about 7 years ago)
Wreaths, Paperwhites and Amaryllis - Savvy in Williamsburg, VA
Drapery Panels - IKEA Ritva Panels
Drapery Rods - Lowe's
Polo Pillow - Lulu and Georgia   (they are now sold out)
Gray Wool Pillow - Savvy
Plaid and Sheepskin Throws - IKEA
Chalkboard Download - Dear Lillie
Chalkboard Frame - Tutorial can be found here.

Don't forget you can check out our full Christmas tour here.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Lovely bed and room! The wreaths add such a festive touch to the room too!

  2. The room is so lovely! I love the feminine bed skirt! I am so impressed with how quickly you have made over so many of the rooms in your new home and with two little girls too! I know I wouldn't have nearly as much complete. I hope you and your family are enjoying Christmas time!

  3. Lovely guest room. Love the poster bed and how you dressed the bed simply. I saw your photo on instagram I think with the red pillow. As pretty as it looked, it just didn't have your signature look. I like the pillow with the horse on it. Your guests will enjoy staying in this room.

    I also like your idea about the neutral rug. My husband and I have been married for 24 years and I finally learned that big ticket items need to be neutral and the accessories can be colorful. Easy and inexpensive to change out with the seasons and your style change.

  4. This is one of the most beautiful rooms I've seen in awhile. I love the slim posters, the black door right next to the black lampshade, and the subtle pops of green. And of course, I am a total sucker for gray plaid. Beautiful job!

  5. This is a really beautiful room. I love the slim posters, the black door right next to the black shade, and the subtle pops of green. And I am a sucker for gray plaid! Beautiful work.

  6. Any guest would be thrilled to sleep in there. Just charming!! Love that you still have your ice skates!! marcy

  7. The room is beautiful. I love the contrast of the light walls with the black door. The room just looks so different with those colors. The accessories you've picked are great too. That huge amaryllis really caught my eye. :)

  8. Fabulous and inviting room Jennifer, I love it. Im doing the same neutral with black and white in my guest room. Yours is quiet and so chic. Love your greens, and the skates! Your guests will be so impressed and so comfortable in there. Happy Holidays. xo Nancy

  9. espectacular y maravilloso el cambio. Felicidades¡¡

  10. You have given me so much inspiration Jennifer! The guest room is wonderful! We are currently remodeling our new home but a lot of it is finishing what the previous owner did finish. None of the doors, windows or trim were painted from construction 16 years ago. Room by room, it's slowly taking shape. Love watching your renovation.

  11. So when can I come for a sleepover? :)
    Love the room!

  12. There you go, you've done it again. It's gorgeous, and the before and after are very impressive!! Love the bed and bedding, and the lamp. Really, I just love it all.

  13. The "before" & "after" are just STUNNING!!!!!
    Love your idea for sisal in here, too...: )
    Leah: )

  14. Looks like a great place to lay your head. Those hardwoods are great by the way.

  15. It looks like a great place to get away. The difference is amazing. I love the wallpaper. I thought for sure you were going to say the throw was from Pottery Barn. I bet the one from Ikea was cheaper than the almost identical one from PB. Thanks for the tour.

  16. So very beautiful…just the perfect touches for your guest at the holidays!

  17. Beautiful transformation Jennifer! Love the beadboard wallpaper!

  18. I love seeing your room transformations. You are very talented Jen! The ice skates vignette was so sweet. Loved it all~ and you should think about just painting your end tables!! You know...some good old Chalk Paint would work wonders. If you want to try a pearlized silvery metallic I will send you some Pearl Plaster to try out!

    1. Thanks, Amy! You are so sweet. If I end up going that route I will be sure to let you know! I hope you and your family are having a beautiful December. I love seeing the pictures of you all in your Christmas pajamas!

  19. You are a miracle worker! What a beautiful room you've created. I love so many things about it. You put together rooms so perfectly!

  20. You are such a natural at making things beautiful! The transformation is amazing!

  21. Just beautiful!! We've moved into an older home with not so pretty walls as well- love the idea of using the beadboard wallpaper in a bedroom! It looks fantastic!

  22. It's beautiful! Am I the only one who gets redirected to Pottery Barn even when I click on the link for the bed from Overstock? You've nailed it again, Jennifer. It's an amazing transformation.

    1. Thanks, Amanda! And I'll check the link and if it sends me to Pottery Barn will fix it. Have a fabulous weekend!


  23. This is so fresh and beautiful! Curious to know what your thoughts on the ease of installing and lasting life of the beadboard wallpaper? It makes the perfect cottage statement and is something we're researching installing in our home! Love everything you do as usual!

    1. Thank you, Ashley. We've only had it up for a few months downstairs and less than a month upstairs so it's hard to say the lasting life but it seems to me like it should last a really really long time! It seems like a pretty easy option if you want the look of beadboard but at a much lower cost. Each double roll is only $20. So far I have been thrilled with it.

  24. WOW! What a FABULOUS transformation! Love, love, love, this room! Please, pretty please, can I come and stay?

    Just joking! It's a long way from the UK, lol, but oh boy, do I love that room!

    Judi (in the UK)

  25. Oh, wow! You've done a great job, really! The before bedroom served its purpose, but once you remodelled it it looks divine! It's pure and simple but very cozy. I especially love the chalkboard! I have to look at your shop! Happy New Year and many successful home projects! Hugs, Kayko


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