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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some Finishing touches to Lillie and Lola's Old Fashioned New England Bedroom

While we were up visiting our family this summer we added some touches to the girls' room. I took these pictures in a huge rush the last day there when the lighting wasn't that great so they aren't that crisp but you can at least get a feel for some of the things we added.  We did most of the work on making over this room over Memorial Day weekend (you can read that post here) so this summer just added a few little touches in here like the rug, the trunks at the ends of the beds and the silhouette of each of the girls above each bed. There isn't an overhead light in this room but we had this little plug-in chandelier that has been just sitting in a closet since we moved a year ago. (It used to be in the little window seat area in Lillie's room in our townhouse). I figured seeing how it wasn't being used it couldn't hurt to try it up here. I don't love how it looks but it's nice now having a light. The plug it's hooked into is one of those ones that turns on and off with the switch right when you enter the room so it works just like a regular overhead light. I think I will paint it so that it stands out a bit more.

We cut out silhouettes of the girls and just hung them in some old frames that I got at Hobby Lobby years ago and weren't being used anymore. I still really want to move that piece between the beds out to the hallway and replace it with something that will go better in this room style-wise but so far I haven't had any luck and it was functional having this in here for now. The girls kept all the baskets full of there things.

My mom recently bought these same trunks for the ends of the beds in her guest room. I saw them when I was last visiting and thought they would be perfect for in here so we copied her and Jason picked up two to add in here. I love the natural element they add to the room and they are so practical for storage. I'm actually pondering buying a set for the girls' room here at home. They aren't really sturdy but for the price they are a great storage piece!

You can find more images from this side of the room in this post here


Source List:

Paint Color - Soft Chamois by Benjamin Moore
Trim Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Door Color - Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore
Wallpaper - Wallpaper Direct, Delphine in Charcoal
Curtain Rods - Target
Drapery Panels - Ritva from IKEA
Beds - Passed down from my grandfather's house and painted in Annie Sloan's Graphite from Lady Butterbug
Coverlet and far back pillow - Joss and Main
Gray Pillow with the Pom Poms - Ballard Design
Front Pillow - IKEA
Little piece with the baskets between the beds - Joss and Main
White Pitcher - HomeGoods
Little Jars - White Home Market - Wilton, NH
Striped Blanket at the End of One Bed - IKEA
Rug - Target
Trunks at End of Bed - IKEA
Chandelier - Purchased about 6 years ago from Target
Frames with Silhouettes - From Hobby Lobby about 7 or 8 years ago
Dresser - Passed down from my grandfather's house and painted in Annie Sloan's Graphite from Lady Butterbug
Canvas - Dear Lillie
Wire Basket - Little antique shop in Vermont
Clock - TJMaxx
Hat - J. Crew
Metal Pitcher - Joss and Main
White Shelf - Target (six years ago)
Horseshoes - Little antique shop in Vermont
Cowboy Boots - Sheplers
Dresses - (From left to right) TJMaxx, Joyfolie, Chasing Fireflies

 I hope you all have a fabulous day!


  1. LOVE this room. All of the elements just work so well together and I just love the color palette. Beautiful job!

  2. Wow! What little girl wouldn't love staying in that room?! Beautiful job!

  3. Gorgeous room. You've done a fabulous job. Your girls are so lucky to sleep in such pretty spaces. : - )

  4. Wow - I just finished up this past weekend our guest room to showcase on my blog and as I was looking at the photos this morning and then reading your post - the two rooms have a similar feel. I too used black and cream with some bold stripes but added some french ticking. I was a bit nervous because I used some faded treys and wasn't sure they would work but it looks beautiful in your room. Thanks - Now I feel much better!

  5. So so, darling! Love the wallpapered wall and the striped pretty for your little girls...

  6. This is beautiful. I love the way the old-fashioned wallpaper looks with the crisp black and white striped throws.

  7. I love the neutral pallet with simple touches like the boots, trunks,etc. So simple,yet so eye catching/appealing!!


  8. I just adore this room! It's so classic and timeless. Great job. :)

  9. I really love this space! I think my favorite feature of this room are the two baskets at the end of the bed...such a great touch.

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  10. I love this room. The black and white is beautiful and I love the wallpaper. Oh and the black door. lol....I love everything.

  11. Gorgeous wall paper selection. Well balanced arrangement and overall feeling very cozy and peaceful. Love this space.

  12. What little girl wouldn't love this room! I like the boots on the shelf, and the wall paper you used.

  13. Such a charming room! You did a wonderful job!
    P.S. I just recently found your blog and want to say that it is such a warm and cozy place to be. Thank you!

  14. Love this room. On the furniture you painted wi the chalk paint, did you sand it and then was it? If you used wax, did you use clear wax or dark wax?

    1. Thanks! We didn't need to do any sanding--that's the beauty of chalk paint! I haven't waxed them yet, but I plan on it. I haven't decided yet, but I am thinking I will probably end up using the clear wax.

  15. I love the woven trunks at the ends of the beds! I have looked in Ikea's catalog and on the website but I can't find them. Can you please tell me what they're called or post a link so I can find them? Thank you!

  16. I love the woven trunks at the end of the beds! I have looked at Ikea's catalog and website for them but I can't find them. Can you please tell me what they're called or post a link to them? Thank you!

    1. Thanks! It's the BYHOLMA Chest in Gray.

    2. Thank you so much! I love a good deal and I love your style! Have a great weekend!

  17. Stunning and beautiful!! Question please? The white front pillow shams you mentions are from Ikea, do they have a name? They are very elegant! Thank you and well done!!

    1. Thanks! They do have a name, but neither Jason or I could remember what they were called--sorry!


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