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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Some Fun Little Creatures in the Kitchen

I am still working on going through a ton of photos of a easy natural fall table setting that I hope to share later this weekend but just wanted to pop in today and share a few photos of a couple of the newest things that have been added to our collection over at Painted Fox. Aren't these little animals so cute? I was planning on using them in the girls' room but they ended up looking so fun here in the kitchen that I think this is where they will stay.

The cute little plaid dish towel and bowl are both from Target. The fun container holding all of the waters is from HomeGoods. And you can find a detailed source info for our kitchen including our paint colors under the "Our Home" tab up top.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and better weather than we are having! It's been raining here for days and looks like it's going to continue for a few more.


  1. Haha! They're so fun and cute! I bet your girls love them. And the plaid is beautiful! Have a great weekend!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  2. These are adorable! And yes I agree, they look so cute in your kitchen!

  3. So cute - have to ask were have you bought these cuties ?

    1. Thanks! They are from our collection over the Painted Fox. You can click the link in the post or use this:

  4. They are super adorable! I wanna have this at home. Thanks for sharing!

  5. They are so sweet! I love the colours and design of your kitchen and these cuties are the kind of thing that makes a house a home :) Thanks!

    One Average Jo |


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