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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Our New Fireplace Mantel and Full Before and After Shots of our Family Room and Breakfast Area

Our new mantel is finished and I am so excited to have this project done! When we first made an offer on this house back in October the first thing I did was have the woodworker who built the hood in our last house come over to look at this space to see if the ideas that I had for the mantle, coffee bar and window seat would work. Right away we were on the same page and I was so excited. The only drawback was that he was booked through the end of January so I knew I was going to have to be patient. I kept busy tackling a million other projects though which helped the time pass quite quickly and now this room is finished except for a few minor finishing details. Yay!!!!! He is so incredibly talented and I could not possibly be more pleased with how the mantel turned out!!!!!  (I still need to add some photos or artwork to one wall, and I need to paint the mantel and window seat - right now they are just primed and there are a few other little minor details I want to finish up like switching out the hinges on the lower part of the bookshelves and the handles and pulls on the coffee bar area).

It kind of killed me to have to hang the TV above the fireplace and to have to cover the beautiful woodwork he had done above the mantel but functionally speaking this was the best place for the TV and so I had come to terms with that before we had even moved in - ha! And now that it is up there I have to say I am so happy with how it turned out and love it! 

So, here are a bunch of before and after angles of this whole space and then below that are some more detailed type shots (and then as always, there is a detailed source list at the end). 

I had planned on finding some different things for these shelves but when we moved in I ended up being able to use all things we already owned to fill them and now I've gotten so used to it that I'm not sure I'll bother switching it up. We keep our blurb books which contain all of my "real camera" pictures of the girls over on this side:

And then we keep our chatbooks collection which has all of my cell phone type photos here over on this side:

 And here is a few looking from the kitchen. The kitchen had been remodeled right before the house was put on the market so even though there are a few things I wish I could change we will probably leave it as is for a while. I did do a few minor things like switch out the cabinet pulls to these pretty antique brass ones from Pottery Barn and the faucet (which we will share in another post in a couple of weeks).

And here are some wide angle shots:

Family Room Source List:

Wall Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell
Trim Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Semi-Gloss
Door Color - Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore in Semi-Gloss Finish
Lower Coffee Bar Cabinet Color - Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss (we will have a detailed source for the coffee bar in a future post with more closeup shots)
Mantel and Other Woodwork - custom by a local builder  
Rug - ESale Rugs Villa Rug in the 9 by 12 size
Round Basket - Birch Lane a few years ago
Sofa - Arhaus
Cable Knit Pillows - Soft Surrounding
Other Pillows - HomeGoods (similar one here)
White Lumbar Pillow - IKEA
Stuffed Animal on Sofa - HomeGoods
White Knit Throw - Birch Lane
Large Barn Painting - was a gift
Tufted Bench/Ottoman - I built it (you can read more about it here)
Throw on Ottoman - HomeGoods
Tray on Ottoman - HomeGoods
White Wingback Chairs - Birch Lane
Drapery Panels - Barn and Willow Belgian Flax in Mist Gray 
Side Table - Homegoods
Blue Jug with Eucalyptus - Decor Steals
Gold Mirror - vintage 
Left bookshelves: 
    Candlesticks, books and pictures - family or vintage
    Gold Orb - HomeGoods
    Photo Albums - Blurb
Right bookshelves:
    Books and Pictures - from family or vintage

Kitchen and Breakfast Area Source List:

Cabinet Color - existing (I am pretty sure it is Lampblack by Benjamin Moore)
Kitchen Table - Joss and Main (right now the top is resting on this side table we already owned while we await the arrival of the base)
Round Back Chairs - World Market
Gold Lantern - Lighting Design (you call one of their showrooms to order)
Wood Bookcase with Glass Doors - Wayfair
Church Painting - Deann
Window Seat - Custom Built
Pillows on Window Seat - HomeGoods
Throw on Window Seat - HomeGoods
Faux Fur on Window Seat - Ikea
Wood Tray - Heritage Lace
Polka Dot Bowls - HomeGoods
Bar Stools - HomeGoods

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! 


  1. Tutorial & details please on how you hung your TV over the mantel without showing your cords. Everything looks lovely

  2. Everything looks wonderful. Did you paint your mantle simply white too? Do you think you will paint the brick like you did in your other house? Is there any of the headboard wallpaper on the bottom half of the wall? Did someone install your tv on the wall? Thanks for any info. You are so inspiring as always.

    1. Thanks, Donna! As mentioned in the post the mantle has only been primed so far, but Jenni will be painting it eventually. At the moment she doesn't plan to paint the brick, but you never know :)


  3. Jenni,
    What an amazing transformation, everything looks so light, bright and beautiful. It hardly looks like the same house...I'm loving seeing all of the changes in your new home. Thank you for the continued inspiration!
    Lori Swearingen :)

  4. hello this is your new Haus?

  5. Beautiful! What type of photo albums do you use? They look so chic!

  6. Replies
    1. Hi, Barbara! The cable box is on the bottom right shelf (its blocked in the pictures by the chair) and all of the wires are concealed.


  7. Do you have a post about how you organize your chat books/blurb books?

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Here's a post Jenni did about blurb many years ago (, although now she uses her real camera for that and iPhone shots for Chatbooks.


  8. Beautiful transformation of the room! Love your new mantel wall.

  9. Everything looks great! I've followed your blog for a while now and I'm just curious as to what the cabinet colour is. I know it says existing but the cabinets started out as wood in older posts and then a gray colour and then London fog (I told you I've followed for a while hehe :)) I love the new cabinet colour though! They really pop! Just wondering what colour it is :)

  10. Oops! Just realizing you've moved 🙈 Sorry! Looks great!!

  11. Are the kitchen cabinets a blue tone? Or is it just the lighting? I know you said they are Lamp Black by BM, but I wondered why they look blue. They are beautiful!

    1. Thank you! The color Lampblack is actually a gray (as opposed to a black). As with most colors it does read differently depending on the lighting, and the cabinets do look a little more "blueish" at certain times of day.

      Hope this helps!


  12. I just love it! Everything is so perfect yet so cozy and warm! Thank you for sharing your lovely home <3 /Hanna


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