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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Stylish French Box

I recently received this beautiful box on my desk from the lovely Sharon Santoni. A few years ago I discovered Sharon's instagram feed and got completely sucked it. She lives in the most extraordinarily charming French cottage that I have every seen. It looks like it is straight out of a storybook and her blog and photos are filled to the brim with all the beauty that you imagine the French countryside is filled with. It is quite literally the stuff of my dreams and I cannot wait to visit someday and see it all in person. Here is her incredible home in Normandy:

Sharon came up with the idea to start a subscription box filled with beautiful and authentic French gifts, called My Stylish French Box. Each quarter one of these gorgeous boxes will arrive on your doorstep filled with a selection of Sharon's favorite French items "that share her love for French decor, cooking, antique hunting beauty and entertaining." Each box is created to inspire you and to help you bring a special and unique French touch to your own home! I love that they offer the option for a year subscription or you also have the option of just purchasing one!

I carried my box into the kitchen and set it on the table and the girls and I had so much fun unpacking it! The box itself is absolutely beautiful and I have it on display in my office. 

I love their logo! 

And love the feeling of opening a very special and delicately wrapped gift! 

The first thing you see once you've unwrapped the tissue is this beautifully designed card that describes what is in your box.

The photography and detail in the card is beautiful and I loved getting to read about each item that went into the box and the details around it. It was things like that that just put the whole experience so over the top and the attention to detail was absolutely incredible!

The box comes packed very carefully and it was amazing how much stuff they were able to put inside!

One of my favorite concepts was the "something old" and "something new" boxes! 

These darling antique French liqueur glasses are perfect to be used at tiny bud vases. Although Lola immediately fell in love with them and has been using them to drink out of for basically every meal since we opened the box so I am not sure I will ever get to use them that way (and everyone that has been at our house in the house in the last week can attest just how obsessed she is with them - haha!)

My favorite items were these sketch books. They are the most beautiful sketch books I have ever owned and I can't say enough about them. I also loved the pencils that came with them.

These Fragonard soaps are also amazing:

We also loved the beautiful handmade porcelain cup that was created by Justine Lacoste and her husband Jean. And the Cire Trudon candle smells heavenly. The company was founded in 1643 back in the early days of Louis XIV's reign. It's this kind of history that makes this box so special. And the scented cameo is so sweet.

These boxes make the perfect gift for any Francophile in your life or just as a special treat for yourself. I highly recommend heading on over to check out their website and signing up for their next box which goes out in May. And spend some time exploring though Sharon's blog, although I am warning you, be prepared to spend hours pouring through all of her beautiful images and all things French! 

We hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

This post was sponsored by My Stylish French Box. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. Such a fun idea! I'd love to get a little bit of France mailed to me every few months :). Love the pics and especially your office rug!!


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