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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Plans For Our Upstairs Bathroom Update

We are excited to be starting on the upstairs hallway bathroom next week so I thought today I would share a little look at what we are planning on doing in here. This is the bathroom our girls use (and our guests when they are here) and we are teaming up with Wayfair for this project and cannot wait to get started. We are keeping the vanity but changing everything else. We are sticking with mostly whites, grays and golds but going pretty bold with the wallpaper which shockingly both of my girls chose. As they have gotten older they have very different taste so when they both picked this as their first choice I was quite surprised and excited!

Here are some before shots:

The tub is quite shallow and the clunky glass doors make it feel smaller so we are going to replace the tub with a larger soaking one and then use the white mosaic tile to surround it and then just use a basic shower curtain. I think this will really help make the space feel bigger in here.

The bathroom is long and narrow and there is a door that separates the toilet and shower from the vanity which definitely helps with privacy. The previous owner had replaced the counters in here so even though I considered entirely replacing the vanity it felt wasteful to do that so we are going to keep the vanity but get rid of the sidesplash and backsplash and remove the bulkhead above. Then we will update the faucets to match what we are going to be using the the tub/shower. Pretty much all of the items in the collage above are already sitting in our garage and ready for the makeover. The two items though that I am still deciding on are the sconce and mirrors - I put the ones in the collage that I am most likely going with but those are my last two decisions in here so there is a chance those may change in the next few days.

I am really excited about replacing the floor in here with a marble herringbone pattern and seeing how the toilet is the first thing you see when walking by this room we are replacing that with the same one we used in our master bathroom at our last house - I loved the clean, classic lines of it!

We can't wait to get started and then share the finishing product in a few weeks! I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

We are working our sponsor, Wayfair on this project. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Affiliate links are used in this post. 


  1. How do you create your mood boards/collages? Do you use a particular app or website?


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