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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Some Updates to Lola's New Room

Although it still isn't finished, we have made some more progress in Lola's room. She has very strong opinions on what she likes so her room is going somewhat slowly and it is definitely going in a different direction than I had envisioned but she loves it and it definitely is a reflection of her personality! 

We are still on the hunt for some fun and colorful pillows for her bed but we have added this really cute teepee from Land of Nod which she was really excited about. I love the brightly colored tasseled pom poms that come with it and the look of the lace. We also added a fun little shaggy pouf which serves quite a few purposes in her room - it's a great little spot to sit in the day, and at night she uses it almost as like a little nightstand to set her book on when it's time to put it up before going to bed. And when I was taking these photos it was where she'd last left her glove -ha! 

One of the biggest things we added in here was an overhead light. None of the bedroom had them and it is so nice having one in here now! We had an electrician come and add them to the three bedrooms upstairs and I am so glad we did. She actually chose this light and although it wasn't what I had in mind it works well and she is so thrilled being able to turn a light switch on and have light now when she enters her room. 

Another thing that she picked out were the panda and fox heads. We already had the rhino so we added the other two and put them all on that wall together.

And the last new thing we added in here was this Bunny Bandit Linen piece of art which she also chose. 

So that is the progress we have made so far in Lola's room. And here across the hall you can see into Lillie's room (which we will have a full post on later this week!):

Source List:

Wallpaper - Caitlin Wilson Grande Check in French Blue
Trim Color - Existing
Door Color - Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss
Carpet - Existing
Crown on Rhino - H&M several years ago
Scarf - Joyfolie
Bedding - Beddy's Bedding in Chic White
Throw at the End of Bed - HomeGoods
All other pillows - HomeGoods
Gray Bear on Bed - Target
Navy boots - Target
Fuzzy Shag Rug - HomeGoods
Dresser - HomeGoods
Mirror - Savvy quite a few years ago
Chair - Pottery Barn Kids
Painting above desk - Deann
Lamp - HomeGoods
Round Gold Dot Jewelry Box - Target
Dog Tape Dispenser - Target
Notebook - HomeGoods
Little Gold Box - vintage gift
Dresser - HomeGoods
Mirror - Savvy quite a few years ago
Lamp - HomeGoods
Navy and Gold Box - HomeGoods
Books - Can be found here
Bicycle Bookends - Target
Airplane - HomeGoods
White Frame - IKEA
Draperies - IKEA Ritva Panels - 96"
Drapery Rods - Target
Basket in Corner - Birch Lane
Hanging Shelf on Back of Door - HomeGoods

Well, that's it for today! I'll be back later this week with photos of the updates we've made to Lillie's room. 


  1. Well, the girls are certainly growing up- and it is important to let them feel comfortable in their own part of this crazy world.

    I will forever be thankful for our dear mom - she let all five of us decorate our own rooms. To this day I love design, and I honestly think that's why. One brother wanted black walls and she let me paint my walls a ghastly dark purple - bleh, hideous, right? Well the next time I painted it was white, haha. But she LET me. That's the thing. God love her, she was so patient and sweet when we must have been driving her batty inside.

    Good luck - enjoy these girls while you have them - everything is about to chance come puberty. There is no way to explain how things change till you go through it. I raised two girls and it is very much like a battle zone.

    But it passes, and the bliss kicks back in. ♥

    Beautiful rooms, girls, home, family, friends, store - count your blessings, for they are many.

    Happy Spring, Jen. : - )

  2. Your daughter is a lucky little girl. My sister and I slept on a roll-a-way bed in the kitchen until I was in the seventh grade at which time we finally got a bedroom! She was almost ready to graduate from high school. When we did get it, we really enjoyed our room and kept it looking like a magazine layout. Every morning before we caught the bus to school we shook up our inherited great grandmother's feather bed and gently covered it with a white chenille bedspread so there wasn't a dent in it. It looked like a giant marshmallow!

  3. I love that you are embracing her choices - and that you didn't remove the baseball glove before taking the photos. It's so cute. :)


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