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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy and Me.....Toddler and Little Girl Tanks to Coordinate with our Women's Tanks

For quite some time now I have wanted to do some toddler and little girl size tanks. I will probably carry them to fit ages one year through about a girls size twelve and our womens small should fit the next size up. This weekend, I finally took a break from everything else I was working on to make a few. I needed to clear my head and to keep from going crazy and getting to create a few new items was so much fun. My mom is also going to introduce a line of onesies and tanks that coordinate with the tutus. We get so many requests for them so it will be nice to finally have something to offer. They will be coming out on our Etsy website later this week.

Anyway, here are a few of the tanks I have been working on along with a few coordinating women's tanks. I plan on listing them either towards the end of this week or the beginning of next and plan on doing them in a variety of colors. The pinks and ivorys are the only ones I have photographed so far.

The Izzy in Peachy Pink on White

The Isabelle in Peachy Pink on White

The Izzy in Peachy Pink and Ivory on White

The Annabel in Peachy Pink and Ivory on White

The Anna in Peachy Pink on White

The Annabel in Peachy Pink on White

The Izzy in Peachy Pink on Black

The Isabelle in Peachy Pink on Black

The Izzy in Ivory on Black

And here is one of the onesie styles my mom is working on:
The adorable little Annette Onesie which will come in several different colors to coordinate with some of our most popular tutus, or just to purchase on their own as well!
And here is the Prima Ballerina Onesie which can be done to coordinate with any and all of our tutus!

Don't forget to keep checking back as we will be hosting our Big Give-Away in just a couple more days!!!!!!


  1. OMW!!!!!!!!! UGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH. I wish it wasn't the end of the month, cause I would so get one of those little tanks to go with Evy's tutu for her bday. :( They are beautiful! And the Isabelle on black. Oh wow, they are all stunning.

    hmm....I'm tapping my fingers and trying to figure out how I can afford these. :)


  2. these tanks are ADORABLE!!! i love the flowers and you can put them on just about anything and mix up the position and number of flowers too, sooo cool! can't wait for the big giveaway!

  3. These are so beautiful!!!! Wish Lola was still little enough...

    By the way ~ I got my dress in the mail on Saturday! LOVE IT! Everything about it is beautiful and I can't wait until the end of May where I can show it off!!!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  4. These are beautiful!!!:)

    Lucky Jenni!!I'm so jealous!! ;) Make sure you take pics Jenni, so we can see you in your beautiful dress!!

  5. WOW!!!! Gorgeous! I want all of them! haha. Seriously, I want all of them. :)

    Congratulations Jenni on the dress win!! You are the luckiest blogging friend I know!! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

  6. I am so excited about the tanks and onesies! They are totally gorgeous! My daughter's first birthday is coming up in August and these would look so great in pictures. :-) Getting excited about the big giveaway!

  7. Are you kidding!!!! Such a wonderful idea!!!!! I am going to own every set that fits this big mama!!!!! Yay!!!! So happy!!!!

  8. Love the tanks for little girlies! Can't wait until you post them so my girls can be adorable in them!

  9. So pretty! Wish I had something like this for my girls when they were little!
    Health and happiness,

  10. I love them, so pretty!


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