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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two New Mary Poppins Styles, Some Bags, and Children's Fairyland Silhoutte Dresses and Tees

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend! This will be a super quick post because Lillie is on my lap helping me type =). Anyway, just wanted to show you all a few of the new things that will be listed in our shop when we reopen tonight. I only have three of the totes and four of the messenger bags. I also only have one in each size of the Mary Poppins Scoop Neck Thermal Tee (or actually I might have two mediums, I have to check, I am not positive).  And for the Fairyland Silhoutte Dresses I only have one in each size.

Here is our new "green" tote with the Fairyland print on it! It is lightweight and would make a really cute reusable grocery bag!

Here is our New Messenger Bag with the Jane Austen print on the back of it!

Here is the front of the messenger bag:

Here is a new style Mary Poppins Print! This is printed on the same style shirt as the Fairyland Silhouette that sold out earlier this week.  I have VERY limited quantities of this!

Here is another new Mary Poppins style. It has a much looser fit than our orginal Mary Poppins shirt (which is one of my favorites, but is a VERY fitted style.) This is available in XXS all the way up to XXXL. We have a few other plus size shirts available as well, including The Peony, Hope is the Thing with Feathers and  The Vintage Crown in Brown.

And here is the Fairyland Quote with Silhouette Dress for little girls. I only have one in each size. I also have cute fitted shirts available in sizes 2T through 14/16 but don't have a picture of them yet. Lillie hasn't been super cooperative lately for photos so I don't have any pictures yet of it yet.

Here she is waving to the horsies in Colonial Williamsburg.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and hopefully I will be back soon with a better post!


  1. Thank you for remembering that larger sized ladies love lovely things too, and including plus sizes.

  2. EEEE!!! You are killing me here. I think I need to make a Christmas list for my hubby. LOL

    I love that dress Lillie is wearing - is that the same style as the one for Addison?

  3. I love those messenger bags!! What a great idea! Girl I'm telling you, you're making a huge smash with these screen printed items! xoxo

  4. First timer to your site! I absolutely love everything! Especially the Mary Poppins shirts! Adorable!!

  5. ~*~*I LOVE everything!! You and your family are so talented! :)Rachel~**~

  6. Hey Jennifer,
    I am new to your blog and store and just wanted to say I loooove your stuff! I have a blog, How Sweet It Is ( and shop Lillie Bee ( Your daughter is just beautiful and i love her name :) I don't we think we are too far from each other as we live in Richmond, Va. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great posts and I cant wait to place an order soon!

  7. Lillie looks so much like jamie in that bottom picture! hope you guys aren't having too much fun without me while i sit at work =( haha

  8. those bags are so cute! love 'em, but i would be afraid that i would get them dirty...but, i would think they might make a good "carry my school stuff" in them kinda bag! maybe my next order...

  9. that picture of your daughter on the fence is to cute for words! The messenger bag is a cute idea!

  10. We love this bag!!

    We're having a giveaway on our blog. Check it out!

  11. cute, cute , cute, I love it.
    especially the mary poppins T.


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