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Monday, February 27, 2012

Quinn and Lindsey

Lillie is going to be a flower girl in May! One of Jon's players, Quinn and his fiance Lindsey are getting married and we are so excited for them. Lindsey played on the women's team here at William and Mary and graduated last May. She's been a huge help to me especially these past couple of months when she's been helping out several days a week both with Dear Lillie things and with the girls. They love her! And Lillie is very excited about being a flower girl. She was a "flower baby" in Jamie and Josh's wedding but was too little to actually do anything but have Jason carry her down the isle. =) I am getting a little nervous she's going to chicken out when it come time to head down the isle this time. Especially seeing how this past week she's been asking Lindsey and I if "maybe instead of being a flower I could be a truck?" I am thinking maybe she thinks it's like Halloween and she is dressing up like a flower or something? Oh to be able to get inside the mind of a three year old.

Anyway, we are so very happy for Quinn and Lindsey. They are such a sweet and wonderful couple and we are so honored for Lillie to be a part of their special day! Here are some of their engagement shots taken by the talented Cathy Lachine:

Also Quinn is up for the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award! 

He is one of just ten players in the entire country up for this award.
I know I haven't written much about the season this year but these guys are all just such amazing kids which I know is pretty rare these days in college sports. I know how proud Jon is of them all.  Quinn is an amazing role model and a perfect example of what we love so much about being a part of the TRIBE family here at William and Mary. You can read more about Quinn here.

If you have a second please head on over and VOTE for him!

Also our Emily Dickinson pillow covers are back in stock
both as a set and individually.

And we are finished up more Nest pillow covers which will be available towards the end of the week and also plan on having a brand new Reagan style for sale on Wednesday.

So far 2012 has been a bit of a blur and I have done very few projects. I have several that I am itching to get to work on and think I am finally going to be able to this week!  I can't wait! First, though, I really need to clean out my closet and the garage - yuck...

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Married?they are just kids,crazy Americans...

  2. What a beautiful couple. So young and in love. My grandson is named Quinn after his great uncle. (My daughter's name is Heidi)
    As far as the anonymous comment........I hope it was just a joke. I was 19 and my husband was 20 when we married......some 41 years ago. Just saying.....
    Beautiful pictures. Your daughter will be a beautiful flower girl,maybe she could be a flower truck, hah.

  3. They make a beautiful couple. Lillie is going to look precious...:) xo

  4. I was young and in love too. We were 20 and 21 and have been married almost 16 years!! They're an adorable couple and I LOVE your pillows:)

  5. They are a gorgeous couple and what beautiful photography!

  6. How fun for Lillie! Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple. I'm sure their wedding will be beautiful!

  7. Oh my gosh, they are so beautiful, and the photos are amazing...


  8. Quinn and Lindsey make a darling couple! Beautiful photos. Lillie will make an adorable flower girl. My little nephew was in our wedding as our ring bearer and he was barely 4. We weren't sure if he'd follow through when it actually came time. He did it and made it all the way down the asile and was the cutest thing ever! Funny part....when we had the rehearsal the night before he thought that was it and he did his part. He didn't quite understand why he had to walk down the asile a second time on the wedding day. He loved wearing his little tux. I bet Lillie will be excited to get all dressed up. How fun! Happy Monday to you Jenni!

  9. What a beautiful couple, the pics of them are gorgeous! Just voted for Quinn!


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