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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Our New Outdoor Living Space

On Friday we shared a peek at our new outdoor seating area that partnered with Wayfair on and today we are going to share more images, many of which have a lot more pink in them thanks to my girls who love pink lemonade! Even though I prefer the more neutral look from Friday it's fun to add some color out here too with just the addition of some fresh flowers, pink lemonade and cupcakes. And we could easily add in some more colorful pillows as well! 

As we mentioned on Friday, the first thing we did was choose our seating. We absolutely loved the look and functionality of this Montclair Wicker Sofa and Montclair Wicker Chairs. We have been thrilled with them and love how they blend in so nicely with the whole wooded area around us and go perfectly with the Felicia Outdoor Fireplace

The fireplace is one of my favorite pieces we've added to any space! I not only love how nice it looks but I am also impressed with how great the quality of it is - it is so heavy!!!!!  We have been using is almost every single night since we got this area set up - it's so relaxing and peaceful sitting out here. I love just sitting out here and the girls have been reading out here and Lillie's even done her homework out here a couple of evenings. And of course their favorite part is roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. 

And then we added some string lights. We went with this set for our little arched trellis (you can see photos of that below) and then we used a 100 bulb set for above the seating area. I liked the idea of one long continuous strand vs. four strands all stuck together. I thought it would be more visually appealing that way and probably safer as well. 

And for pillows we chose these Indoor-Outdoor Buffalo Check Pillows in the 20 by 20 size. I love the large size of the check! We've left the cushions and pillows outside during some lighter rain showers but have brought them in and set them on the porch when we've know there was going to be heavy rain. 

The girls love having pink lemonade and fun pink striped straws. And of course it's fun to have cupcakes out here too!

We love the idea of using our Montgomery tray out here. It makes it easy carrying a bunch of stuff at once (although I removed the vase of flowers first because that weighs so much that it's hard enough just carrying that by itself - ha!)

We found some fun black and white plates that work well out here and we've used this tray several nights to load our s'mores supplies up on to carry back and forth from the kitchen. Trays can be so functional as well as pretty in settings like this.

The girls love our lemonade dispenser.

We also added a rug to help define the space while we decide what type of patio surface we'd like to put down here. I like how the rug looks out here and it's a very durable outdoor style but I am still a bit unsure it will actually last out here in the elements. So far it's worked wonderfully but if it starts to show a lot of wear I may move it up to our porch. But until we can decide what type of surface we'd like to put down it works wonderfully! And then we added some fun outdoor side tables and our old coffee table to help add to the function of the space. 

And here are some pictures without all the pink. =) 

I don't know why, but there's something kind of magical about strands of lights twinkling above you. I absolutely love how they sparkle as dusk approaches and then the warm glow they add once it's dark outside. 

Source List:

Sofa - Montclair Wicker Sofa 
Chairs - Montclair Wicker Chairs 
Outdoor Fireplace - Felicia Steel Wood Outdoor Fireplace from Wayfair 
String Lights above Seating Area - Wayfair
String Lights on the Arched Trellis - Wayfair 
Buffalo Check Pillows - Wayfair in the 20 by 20 size
Rug - HomeGoods (8 by 10 approximately)
Side Tables - HomeGoods

Lemonade Dispenser - Pottery BarnCoffee Table - Pottery Barn (similar to this one we've had ours for years and years ago we've stripped and painted it several times)
Large Black Tray - From our Collection at Painted Fox
Lantern Filled with Flowers - HomeGoods
Water Pitcher - Birch Lane

Cupcakes - Smallcakes
Plate - Emma from Pottery Barn 
Cake Stand - Birch Lane
Glasses - HomeGoods
Silver Tray - HomeGoods (similar here) 
Plates - Target 
Vase - TJMaxx

I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead!


  1. It looks so good! Love that you added a fireplace - something I'd love to do! And I couldn't agree more- there is nothing like white lights - they are magical! You did a wonderful job:)


  2. Oh that is simply magical looking!

  3. This is stunning and cozy all in one! Perfection!

  4. I agree with Amy...magical and enchanting. Love the fireplace!

  5. So so pretty!!! I would love to copy your vines and lights on the trellis. Just magical! (Did you also have a real vine growing amongst the grapevine? Or that's what it looks like the vine is.) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you! They have pink jasmine and wisteria on the trellis.


  6. Wow! What an amazing backyard. I love what you have done with your outdoor "room". Thank you for sharing what items you used. I will look into them when I remodel my backyard. I agree with ruralmom that the trellis looks great. The string lights definitely add to the ambiance in the evenings.

    Alex @ Selective Designs

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