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Friday, April 29, 2016

A Peek at Our New Outdoor Living Space

I am so excited to share a peak at our new outdoor living space with you all today! And then Sunday I will share more photos with more details. We are so excited to partner up with our sponsor, Wayfair for this project. We have this little space in our backyard that for the last couple of years we have thought would be a great spot to add a little seating area to and this year we decided to pull the trigger and create one out here. It has quickly turned into our favorite spot! We spend almost every evening out here now after dinner and Lola and I spend quite a bit of time sitting out her every afternoon as she snuggles up and reads to me.

The first thing we did was choose our seating. We loved the look and functionality of this Montclair Wicker Sofa and Montclair Wicker Chairs. We are absolutely thrilled with them and they blend in so nicely with the whole wooded area around us and go perfectly with the Felicia Outdoor Fireplace which is easily my favorite addition to the space! We have been using is almost every single night - it's so relaxing and peaceful sitting out here and the girls love making s'mores! And then we added some string lights. We went with this set for our little arched trellis and then we used a 100 bulb set for above the seating area. And for pillows we chose these Indoor-Outdoor Buffalo Check Pillows in the 20 by 20 size. I love the large size of the check!

We also added a rug from HomeGoods to help define the space while we decide what type of patio surface we'd like to put down here. And then some side tables that we also found at HomeGoods and we added our old coffee table to help add to the function. We'll share more images on Sunday!

Source List:

Sofa - Montclair Wicker Sofa 
Chairs - Montclair Wicker Chairs 
Outdoor Fireplace - Felicia Steel Wood Outdoor Fireplace from Wayfair 
String Lights above Seating Area - Wayfair
String Lights on the Arched Trellis - Wayfair 
Buffalo Check Pillows - Wayfair in the 20 by 20 size
Rug - HomeGoods (8 by 10 approximately)
Side Tables - HomeGoods
Coffee Table - Pottery Barn (similar to this one we've had ours for years and years ago we've stripped and painted it several times)
Large Black Tray - From our Collection at Painted Fox
Lantern Filled with Flowers - HomeGoods
Water Pitcher - Birch Lane
Cake Stand - Birch Lane
Glasses - HomeGoods
Silver Tray - HomeGoods
Plates - Target 
Vase - TJMaxx

We hope you have a fabulous weekend! And we will be back Sunday with lots more images!

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


  1. Looks fantastic Jennifer!! Love the addition of the strands of lights.

  2. Jennifer, what a tranquil space! It is beautiful and so zen.

  3. Absolutely enchanting!!!! Every detail is perfection!!! Enjoy! Xoxo....

  4. Beautiful, but what about the rain? I am always curious what people do about the rain on indoor furniture placed outside. Like your coffee table and end tables, and the decor? It's beautiful though, your own little escape!

    1. Hi, Elaine! Jenni says that the rug will stay out there, but for the couple of little rain showers they have had so far they have left the cushions out there, but if they knew it was going to rain hard they would bring the pillows and cushions inside. Hope this helps!


  5. I absolutely love this, but how much of it do you have to take in every night?

  6. Give me a good buffalo check anytime! So pretty, thanks for sharing


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