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Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Winner!

Last night was pretty exciting! William and Mary is playing in the NIT! We went over to Coach and Mrs. Shaver's house with the whole team first, and then headed to school where we watched them announce our bracket on the big screen. We play the North Carolina Tarheels (where both Jon and Coach Shaver played) on Tuesday night (tomorrow) in Chapel Hill at 9:30PM on ESPN. Thanks to a rough day again around here - Lillie's got a runny nose again, she threw up this afternoon (although seems to be doing all right since) and then split her lip open horribly right before bed while doing her "ballerina twirls" - I think Lillie and I are going to stay home and watch it on TV even though we really wish we could be there! Here are a few pics from last night. (Lillie does have other clothes besides her Tribe cheerleading outfit! I promise, after this there won't be any more posts with her in it....unless we make it to Madison Square Garden and then I think there will be a few more =).....)

Lillie and Daddy before heading out the door!

Lillie playing with Coach Shaver and Lady at the Shaver's house.

Doug, Lillie and Sean at school before heading in to watch the big screen!

Lillie and Sean (Sean's getting married this summer so maybe in a few years he'll have a little rascal running around himself!)

Our bracket on the big screen.

The team (Photo by Pete Clawson)

The team (Photo by Pete Clawson)

Hanging out with the team afterwards. They are such good kids and so wonderful with Lillie! She adores them all!

Hanging out with the team afterwards. They are such good kids and so wonderful with Lillie! She adores them all!

Lillie with Quinn, Sean and Daddy in the corner.

And finally, here is the winner of our mini-giveaway!!!!

Sorry, I am just now getting to pick the winner of our mini-giveaway for the crown shirt. It has been a crazy day and I am afraid it is just going to get crazier this week! Argh!

Anyway, the winner is: Lynndy from Olive Juice and Elephant Shoes! Congratulations! Thank you, and everyone else who entered! Let us know your address and we will get that shipped right out to you!

And don't forget to keep checking back. We will be having our usual monthly give-away starting on April 1st as well as mini give-aways once we hit the 100 follower mark here on our blog and the 1000 mark on our Etsy site!


  1. WOW! Thank you so much! I have never won anything in my life! i'm so sexcited! My Address is:

    220 Northlands Pointe NE
    Medicine Hat, Alberta
    T1C 0C4

    Can't wait to get the shirt!

  2. Oh wow! You beat me to it! I was just about to send you an e-mail! Thanks so much for following our blog! I will get that out to you ASAP! (It generally takes about 5 to 10 days for stuff we send to get to Canada).

  3. Oh nuts... I wanted that shirt. :(

    And your precious Lillie is so darling in that little cheer outfit. Looks like she is having a blast.

    Oh and girl...Jake is the KING of busted lips. Or I should say "was" after he reached 2, he seemed to be better on his feet. :)


  4. Still can't believe I won! Thanks so much Dear Lillie!

  5. Congrats to Lynndy!! I had my heart set on that shirt too;) I even looked to see if you had any in your shop...all I found was the tank and I think that it was a med. That was yesterday. So, I'll keep an eye out for it:) And yes, I do agree, Lillie is just the cutest thing ever!! :) So stinkin cute in her little cheer outfit!

  6. Amy - it's good to know there might be an end in sight for the endless bloody lips! =)

    Prencie - I took down most of my screenprinted items a while back and am not going to relist them until I start having someone else to screenprint for me. I don't have time anymore to do my own screenprinting and all of the sewing as well. I hope, once things get caught up, to use a local screenprinter to print my designs for me and go back to selling them on Etsy and our website. I do still have a handful left from the ones I printed myself. What size are you looking for? Let me know if you want one.

  7. I think a small depending on how the sizes run. I usually wear a X-small but I pretty much shop only at The Limited so I'm not sure how other sizes fit me. I guess let me know whatcha got and what colors:) Thanks!

  8. These definitely run very small! (Or at least in my opinion, anyway). I will check and see what I have left in size small once Lillie goes to bed.

  9. I actually only have two size smalls left. One is a bright pink crown printed on a more muted pink shirt and the other is a soft black and gray stripe with a pale gray (almost white) crown print. I don't have a picture of the first one, but I do have a photo of the striped one. I had a bunch of other color-ways originally and didn't realize I had so few left!

  10. I do love pink but I love the way the 2nd sounds also! Let me know and I'll can get it thru etsy or whatever you prefer:) Thanks!

  11. Perfect! I just set up a listing for you for the striped one.


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