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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Few New Things For Sale in March...

Hello, everyone. I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! I just wanted to share with you some of our newest creations by myself and my mom and sisters that are for sale now. Your can look for all of them at our Etsy Shop and some of them on our website, Dear Lillie.

Shirts and Dresses:

Along with the ones shown below, we have several more colorways available on our website and we also have several more dresses we are hoping to come out with in the next month or so - so keep checking back!

The Adeliene Dress in Black

The Savannah Tank in Black and Gray

The Stella Dress in Midnight on Navy (will also be available soon in Black)

The Adeliene Dress in Hot Pink and Slate

The Annabel in Hot Pink and Red

And here are some new items added to our wedding collection:
Some black, white and cream designs:

The Aurora in Black and White

The Gatsby Clip in White

Vintage Style Ivory Lace Garter

Vintage Style Ivory Satin Garter

Wedding Sash in Ivory with Peony Brooch

Wedding Sash in Ebony with Black Rose Brooch

And here are some new items in Pink:

The Tara Pomander in Pink

The Aurora in Pink

The Melanie Hamilton Favor Box in Pink

The Melanie Hamilton Pillow in Pink on Pink

The Melanie Hamilton Pillow in Pink on Sage

Don't forget to check back for our next give-away coming soon!!!!!


  1. I love that last pillow!! wish it was around when we got married! And the clothing is beautiful as always. :)


  2. You sure have one amazing group of talented ladies there! I was thinking some of those pillows would look great in large size for home decor. Love those delicate pink flowers!

  3. I agree Lili! I definitely think Jamie should make some of those pillows as home decor ones! She has made all of us pillows for our homes and we LOVE them!

  4. Love everything! Love the Stella dress!!!!! Great name! Can the pink pillow flowers be made into a hair clip? DOes any of the new tops come XXL????? Love you guys!!!!

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful Etsy shop and all of it's success. you have such gorgeous items! Especially the tutu's (and the model)
    Thank you SO much for your kind wishes on my blog. It meant so much to me!
    ~Angela Harris

  6. Thanks Angela! And Jenn - I will try to e-mail you tonight before I head to bed, and if not then definitely tomorrow evening (I will be gone most of the day). I can make the Annabel Tank in an XXL as well as the Stella Dress. (I thought you would like that name - I almost named it the Stella Marie but figured I would save that for when I do a children's shirt or dress which I hope to get to eventually!)

  7. I was just looking at some of your older posts...these items are drop dead gorgeous! Wow! Wish I were planning a wedding. Bookmarking this for when my daughter gets married someday. Are these items still being sold on Etsy?

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryl! We don't have an Etsy shop anymore, everything is now on Unfortunately though we have moved in the direction of home decor, so we don't have any of these items for sale anymore :( However we may move back in the wedding direction at some point.


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