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Monday, March 8, 2010

Last Day to Enter Our Give-Away and Championship Game on ESPN Tonight!

Don't forget - today is the last day to enter our March Tutu Give-Away! Either scroll down or click here to enter!

Lillie and I were in Richmond all weekend at the CAA Tournament. Jon has been there since Thursday. William and Mary (where Jon is an assistant basketball coach) has had a miracle season. It has been so incredibly amazing to watch and feel a part of! We had rather shocking upsets over Wake Forest AT Wake Forest and Maryland AT Maryland and a huge win over Richmond. We are now 22 and 9 (after being just 10 and 20 last year). It was a season that was almost too good to seem real at times! This weekend was our league's tournament. We beat James Madison in the quarter-finals on Saturday and Northeastern in the semi-finals last night so we are headed to the championship game tonight at 7! It will be on ESPN. I know probably most of you don't watch ESPN very often, but if your husband's happen to have it on look for Lillie! We have had several TV games this year and she has gotten on TV every time! If we win, William and Mary will be going to the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history! I am so nervous I am going crazy!

Lillie and I on TV last night (My sister, Jamie sent me this pic)....Lillie thought it was so much fun staying at the hotel that she decided not to sleep, so thanks to my awful headcold and no sleep in several days I wasn't able to get my contacts in and had to wear my glasses for the first time in public in like 10 years - haha. Just my luck!)
At the hotel about to head out to the game on Saturday night.

Brushing her teeth at the hotel and getting ready for Sunday night's game.

Playing with the hoops they had set up down in the lobby of our hotel.

Go Lillie!

Lillie has a huge crush on the head coach, Coach Shaver's, youngest son, Jackson....when we got to the game she only wanted me to hold her and then she saw him and wanted to go sit with him...haha....not sure if he appreciated it so much. Fortunately he is a good sport.

Yay!!!!! Cheering after the nail-biting win on Sunday!

With Daddy after the game on Sunday!

Sitting on the bench with Daddy after Sunday's game. (I brought my old camera because I didn't want to ruin my new one, so I didn't get many good pics, but I do love this one!)
Lillie road with the head coach, Coach Shaver (who won CAA Coach of the Year at the banquet on Thursday - Congratulations!), back to the hotel on the team bus. I am not sure who was more exhausted!
Playing with her best friend Kyla back at the hotel before heading home.

GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good Luck tonight! We are big fans of ESPN and will be looking out for you (in between the bachelor wedding, sorry, my guilty pleasure)! I love the glasses look!

    Lillie is a doll and you can tell that she is adored by all that she is surrounded by!

  2. Thanks, Jenni! (I forgot the Bachelor wedding was tonight - I have a few guilty pleasures shows, myself! Haha!)

  3. I didn't realize you were a VA girl? I grew up in Va. I am very familiar with W&M :)! These days, I have converted to be a North Carolina gal...ever so close to that team you upset over the weekend ;)! Congrats!!! Also, cannot deal with the cutness of that flower in your daughters hair!

  4. Oh and I am now cranky with you...I just spent 30 minutes that I did not have on "ruffles and stuff" blog...thanks for introducing me...I think ;).

  5. Haha, Amy - sorry! I have wasted way too much time on that blog too! Looks like we reversed. I used to live in North Carolina! I actually grew up in New England but went to college at UNC-Chapel Hill and then the Art Institute of Charlotte. I met my hubby at UNC. That flower is from Mia Joie! That is probably the blog that I waste the most time on - her shoes are the most beautiful things! Ahhh - time to get off the computer and wake Lillie up from her nap and head to Richmond again for the big game!

  6. So oooo cute!!! Good Luck tonight!!!!

  7. Lillie is absolutely the cutest!! Love the sweet little look on her face in the picture with her "crush". Looks like it was a great night all around.

  8. Tell Jon I said Good Luck! I love th pic of Lillie brushing her teeth! Oh and I really like your glasses. xo.


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